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You are Ryu, a Street Fighter. Your goal is to travel to 5 countries (Japan, USA, England, China and Thailand) and beat 2 enemies at each of them. Many of these characters, such as Adon, Gen, and Birdie, are later seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

After each country you will have the chance to get additional points in a little bonus round, a feature seen later in most Street Fighter games. The final boss in the game is Sagat, who is the second to the last boss in Street Fighter 2. The goal is to become the greatest fighter in the world. As with most tournament fighting games once you have defeated the boss the game will reset and start from the beginning with a harder difficulty level. It is possible to start a two player game but there will be only one fight (between the two players) which will determine who will travel the globe to fight the computer controlled opponents.

This is a fairly average fighting game. There have been much better fighting games around at the time this one came out (International Karate springs to mind), but there was obviously something about this game... Oh yes, its sequel!

That's right, this is the prequel to the famous Street Fighter II!

You are Ryu and you can select the country where you'll fight. There are four to choose from (Japan, UAS, China and UK). In each country you'll get a different opponent. The one who scores two wins is the winner. The one who ends up facing the ground is the looser (obviously).

You get one key for punches "," and one key for hits "0" (best on the numerical part of the keyboard) and the 8 directions in which to move. You'll really need to slow the game down though, as otherwise you'll only be pressing the keys randomly, while getting kicked around.

The game requires a lot of practice and a lot of nerves before it begins to get fun. I guess it's just too difficult to begin with. And you know what? After you beat everybody you'll start all over again, only they'll get tougher!

This is probably the very first game that included special moves for the characters. Each of them has a special way to attack. Afterwards this became a must-include feature of one-on-one fighting games, that sometimes went way overboard (seeing how you do nothing more then to perform tricks instead of fighting).

The graphics are nice (colorful EGA graphics), although the sound leaves a lot to be desired and I already warned you about the controls. Maybe it really should be played with an old joystick (because I remember that the C64 version I played with a primitive joystick was rather fun). Thus the game gets a low mark of 2, simply because it's too darn hard to be really playable or fun.

Street Fighter games were highly successful on C64 and Amiga (not to mention arcade machines) so Capcom decided to port the game to PC as well. Was it a mistake? Well, the game is alright, not the best but playable. The graphics could have been better, after all - this is PC!

Anyway, select a character and do your best to beat the rest. You will fight other masters of martial arts on your way to fame and glory. A lot of great moves, kicks and punches are featured. Now get out on the street and show them who's the boss!

Fists up! I cant stop using the word classic, so I'm going to say lollipop instead. ;) This game is a really lollipop!!

Seriously though, when the word classic springs to mind I don't really think of street fighter, but when the word fighting comes to mind, new or old its the first thing that pops into my old brain! This must be the first ever good fighting game I played, back on the Nintendo, or was it super Nintendo? I cant remember, but I remember one thing, that's how good it was. With characters like Ryu and Ken, battling it out with their fireballs and famous 'haadokun' sounds, how could it not be a success?

Street fighter, although not as good as its younger brother, street fighter 2, still gave off a great fight, especially when you could play your friends, or family and beat the hell out of them without actually touching them! I can remember a good few times I whipped my cousin 'The Saint's' ass on it, hehe, sorry, here I go again mumbling to myself about the past. Where was I? Oh yeah, game play. The PC version, unfortunately was a bit harder to play than on the old Nintendo, as the keyboard back then was no contender to a joy pad, which you could hold firmly in your hand and move around to the moves of the fighter.

This game is a great classic and will be remembered for a LONG time to come, without a doubt. If your into fighting games, then this should defiantly be in your collection of all time greats. It cant compete with the graphics of Teken Tag, but for enjoyment its defiantly in he same league, and as the saying goes, "you have to appreciate the past, to appreciate the present"...

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