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The heroes in a half-shell come out of the sewers and on to your computer screen in Konami's gnarly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Manhattan Missions. Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and their gang of mousers, foot soldiers and other evil dudes are totally wasting the city. So much crime is being committed that righteous babe April O'Neil barely has time to report all the stories for the news. Luckily, Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello know some killer Ninja moves and are totally capable of kicking evil butt.

Before fighting crime as one of the Ninja Turtles, you can enter the Training Room, which lets you hone your Ninja skills against a variety of bad guys of your choosing. The wise old sage Splinter provides a few words of advice on how to throttle your opponents. Once you're ready to rumble, a mapping system, in conjunction with April O'Neil's news broadcasts, lets you know when and where crimes are taking place.

Each hero has a unique weapon, such as Michaelangelo's nunchakus and Donatello's Bo Staff with which to fight, and all are capable of throwing shurikens and eating pizza. The turtles can also walk (on two legs, of course), jump, kick, climb, block, crouch and shuffle. After much practice, they can even learn advanced Ninjitsu moves. Each of the 15 missions consists of fighting lesser villains until you reach the level boss. A second player can join in to help as one of the other turtles. Finishing missions increase your speed, strength and energy while getting pummeled and losing a mission diminishes your attributes and puts the city in even graver danger.

You can rest in order to return to optimal form but should do so sparingly since you've only got 48 hours to complete the tasks -- and resting takes up precious time! If you're ready for some turtle power, hone up those Ninja skills and help save Manhattan! Cowabunga, dude!

Shredder will assume control of New York City in 48 hours. The Ninja Turtles must stop him and at the same time fight even the lesser crimes taking place in New York City. No surprise that each of these crimes leads to Shredder.

Along with the standard side scroller, each turtle uses a different weapon (just like in comics, Leonardo has swords, Michelangelo nunchakus, etc.) to fight criminals. Each turtle has stats (strength, speed, energy) that increase the more they fight; furthermore, when they reach a certain level of strength, they gain additional attacks!

The player has 48 hours to complete the game. These are 48 real hours, but you will spend lot of them resting the turtles to regain their health (with the "rest X hours" command) in-between missions. However, you can even save game for later reload.

There are 16 levels for exploration, their path frequently deviates from simple left-to-right walking: they'll have to enter doorways, windows, and sewer tunnels, climb ladders, and even locate the occasional item needed to cross a barrier.

It's pizza time!

Our green heroes are back once again, this time in a PC-original game, (unlike TMNT 1 and 2, which were ports from NES and arcade systems, respectively). Manhattan Missions is the third installment in the TMNT franchise released for the PC with improved graphics, better gameplay and an excellent cast of characters. The graphics are much better than the ones in the previous games, making full use of the VGA palette.

The game's story closely follows the comic books. It begins with the Turtles' very first excursion from the sewers, when they cross paths with a female reporter stalked by a group of evil ninja. Coming to her aid, the Turtles join another vigilante (who has an unusual fondness for hockey gear) and together with him defeat the Foot Clan thugs.

There are several gameplay modes to choose from (Story Mode, Training Mode and so on). You can choose whether to use your weapon or fight unarmed (each combat style has different advantages), as you battle a multitude of opponents alone or together with a friend. All in all, a very enjoyable game.

One of the best superheroes action games ever made, Manhattan Missions is the third game in Konami's line of platform games based on the lucrative license. The third time is really a charm for this game, as the Turtles finally come to life in colorful graphics and a good number of special moves that are unique to each Turtle. There are a lot of enemies and cool power-ups, and great options such as the ability to choose which locale to battle next, and a training mode in which you can practice each Turtle's moves against different enemies. Although most missions occur indoors at various locations in Manhattan, New York, they are quite different from each other, and you will also have a chance to battle in exciting locations such as aboard a subway train, or in the sewers. Konami finally did the license justice with this game-- a must have for all TMNT and action fans alike.

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