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The game consists of several actions parts linked together. All parts are different, each resembling typical games of the genre (for example: 1st level is like a side-view beat 'em up). Between each level a small cutscene from the movie is shown.

Terminator 2: The Judgement Day is an action classic. Everybody remembers the plot, the lines, the special effects and almost everything about this film. It was a huge success worldwide and video games were just a matter of time. Terminator 2: Judgement Day the game, was released in 1991 by Ocean.

You play as the good old T-800 cyborg and your mission is to save John Connor from the new terminator: the deadly T-1000. You go through different levels fighting, shooting, driving and solving puzzles. The fighting and shooting levels are repetitive and boring. You face the T-1000 on some of the movie locations such as the hospital, and you'll have to defeat him or get him out of the screen in order to pass the level. Between some levels you'll find a puzzle, where you need to fix T-800's arm or face with time against you. If you do it well, your health bar will be restored.

My favorite levels are the ones with bird perspective, where you are in the middle of a chase from the movie (such as the T-1000 in a truck chasing T-800 and John Connor). In those levels you must avoid lots of obstacles and watch for your and your partner's health bar.

Something I didn't like about this game is the fact that you can't save. It's very frustrating because you just have one life and there aren't any continues either! Only thing you can do after the game is over, is to put your initials in the high score board. However, I don't think even you want to know your high score, you just want a frigging continue!

Graphics are nice, and you get to see small cutscenes in between the levels. As for the music, is nearly nonexistent. I just heard some in the intro and the high scores board. Sound effects are average and there's not much to listen to.

All in all, Terminator 2: The Judgement Day is one of those games you play once and you have a good time, and then you forgot about it forever! I'd give a mark of 3 because of the chase scenes and the puzzles. Anyway, if you're a big fan of the movie you'll enjoy it so much more.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a boring game based on Terminator 2 the movie. In all respects, it is a formulaic film license material, i.e. a series of sub-games, each based on a certain scene from the film. The first beat-'em-up section -- a battle between the old and the new Terminator in a corridor-- is downright abysmal. Instead of feeling like the powerful battle that it should, you just poke or fire weapon leisurely at your opponent, causing damage little by little before he falls. The enemy Terminator advances ever-so-slowly towards you with a tinny growl that sounds more like a broken PC speaker than a menacing killer android, making no effort whatsoever to evade your fire.

After the slow-motion, beat'-em-up "action" of the first level, this game improves slightly with a racing section. You race a moped and see the level from the top-down perspective, trying to outrun the Terminator's truck and avoid obstacles. Unfortunately, after this high point of the game, it goes back to mediocrity again with tediously moving pieces of an ostentacious "puzzle" section. The bottom line: play any one of Bethesda's Terminator game instead... indeed, play any game at all other than this utter waste of a good film license.

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