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In the year 200 billion a small ship races across the galaxy taking The Vinyl Goddess From Mars to the esteemed intergalactic B Movie convention. In mid transit, a meteor shower strikes without warning and the ship is engulfed in a sea of rocks and debris. Badly damaged by the cosmic storm, the ship careens off course. Desperately, The Vinyl Goddess twists knobs and pulls levers to regain control. The best that she can hope for is to eject and let the ship crash land on the strange planet below. It's up to you to help the lovely goddess find and repair her ship and collect all of her belongings before it's to late to reach the convention.Vinyl Goddess From Mars is a platform game similar in design and gameplay to the older Jill of the Jungle, or alternatively Gods. As Vinyl, you must progress through levels and episodes and eventually repair your broken vessel.

The plot is simple: you're Vinyl, the mars goddess who are supposed to attend the B-movie convention, but your spaceship is caught in a meteor shower.. and so you ended up stranded in an unknown planet in the middle of no where. Actually, at first, I'm not thrilled with the idea of a platform game featuring scantily-clad female, I think I've had enough of Jill , Lara, and such. This game, however, shows great promise. The graphic is o.k, nothing special. The music is uuuh.. not so good. But nevermind about the graphics and music, gameplay is the only thing that counts! Impressive scrolling engine, I must say. Really smooth, IMHO it spars the quality of Epic's Jazz Jackrabbit. The game also shines in the level design. Overall, Vinyl is a decent PC platformer. (Err.. don't you ever hope for a console quality platformer in PC :P) If you loves platform games, I highly recommend this one.

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