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New-York, Year 1998. The once most prestigious city in the world, has now become a fighting zone. Half of the city is left in ruins, and it is in that part of town that the marginals and gangs are living, hunted by every law enforcement agencies. The other half of the city consists of fancy mansions, in some of which the most important drug barons reside. Unfortunately, they are the ones who run the city using the enormous profits they make from dealing drugs and weapons. They now have succeeded in endangering the country's economy.

The U.S. government, wanting to avoid a terrible crisis, called the CIA to run several types of operations in order to get rid of this bad substitute of government. The C.I.A., headed up by "The Boss", has to clean up the city of its crooks. One plan is to reorganize the city by placing security check-points at strategic positions. The operation was set up for April 4, and quickly proved to be an unprecedented success. The badly organized, smaller street gangs, were greatly outnumbered and couldn't match the extremely well armed law enforcement troops.

On May 7, during a successful raid, the state police special branch, took possession of a huge arsenal of weapons and ammunition, worth more than two million dollars. This raid was an important stage in the whole operation. Realizing the sticky situation they were in, the heads of the crime organizations now started making plans for themselves: They needed to regain their control over the city and above all, secure their territories. On May 15, they kidnapped "The Boss" in order to get from him the names of his operatives involved in the C.I.A. fight against organized crime. This way, they were convinced they could stay in control of the situation and become even more powerful.

Your mission is to liberate "The Boss" and to bring him back safely.

You're gonna be dropped from the chopper with your panther at the spot where "The Boss" was last seen. You have your 357 Magnum ready and the panther is trained to protect you closely.

You'll have to travel through the various parts of the city, in search of the hostage, and you will find that your street fighting skills will prove to be very useful.

In each part of the city, you will confront various enemies and their gang leaders. They will become more and more skilled in combat as you progress. Some of them are so powerful that it would be wise to save bullets for these particular fights. Once you reach the point where "The Boss" is held prisoner, you must rescue him and safely escort him back to a safe place.

On the way back, you will have to be particularly careful, since you will have to protect "The Boss" whose physical condition has been worn out.

Wild Streets is a side-scrolling arcade game, in which you fight enemies using punches, kicks, your gun and sometimes your panther will help you.

Wild Streets is an average side-scrolling arcade game-- no more, no less. Characters are cardboard cutouts, graphics is below average, and fight animations are unconvincing. The hero (a cop in this case) only has 2 fighting moves-- punching and kicking, and repetitive scenery makes the game boring very fast. The game's only saving grace is the panther, which is your sidekick, and can help you out in tough spots. Actually, its claws seem to be much more powerful than your attacks, so the game becomes an easy affair of evading tougher enemies to let your panther take care of them. Titus is never known for excellent games, but with uninspired graphics, lack of variety, and hordes of same enemies over and over, Wild Streets is one of their worst.

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