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Wreckers is an isometric sci-fi action game with strategy elements.

Robotic droids roll quietly through the corridors of space station Beacon 04523N, automated computers calculate routes for interstellar traffic. Three human officers sleep in cryogenic tanks, awakened only for routine system checks - or in case of an emergency. With a hum, the cryogenic control springs on-line as Beacon's long-range sensors detect incoming lifeforms.

Controlling one of the on-board officers, the player has to defend the station against swarms of plasmodian spores (the "Wreckers") showering down on Beacon and seeping into its four sections. While the spores approach, they can be sucked out of space with a gigantic hoover-like space hose. Once they settle onto the stations hull, jump into the space suit and spray infected areas with a cleansing agent. Undetected spores will seep into the station's corridors, where the protagonist must hunt them down with a plasma shots and avoid being shot in return.

In addition, up to ten droids are under the player's indirect control. Ranging from cleaners to fighters to engineers, these automatons will act independently, but can be sent to key locations within the station -- i.e. infected areas. As the officer gains experience through battles, he will be promoted to higher ranks, enabling him to construct more efficient fighter robots in the station's droid factory.

Since plasmodians running rampant in the station will cause system malfunctions. The main goal in such cases is to clear infections quickly and make sure that Beacon continues to function properly. To make things worse, a self-destruct mechanism will detonate the station in sixty minutes unless all signs of spore activity cease.

Wreckers is a fun isometric action/adventure game that features innovative multiple-level map, the ability to choose multiple characters to control, and fun gadgets to find and use. The game starts on a spaceship, where your peaceful cryogenic sleep is rudely interrupted by an awful alarm sound that signals invasion by alien lifeforms. (fans of the Aliens movie series will be right at home here).

Wreckers succeeds on many levels. First, the blend of action and adventure is well executed (although it emphasizes more on action than on puzzle-solving). Denton Designs has certainly come a long way from their unique but frustrating Eye of Horus. Action takes place both indoors and outdoors, where your character wears a spacesuit and jetpack. The game's automap is excellent, as it shows not only all 3 characters, but also location of lifts and other important items. Running into various viewscreens and monitors often trigger clues or information you can interact with. The three characters you can choose from have different traits-- Kight, who has lower stamina than others but higher morale, is less likely to run away from monsters, but he also gets more damage from hits. Overall, Wreckers is a great science fiction mystery with enough twists and surprises to keep you glued to the screen. It's not Top Dog material, but it comes very, very close.

Note: The manual link below is the PDF version of the excellent novella by Rupert Goodwins that came with the game.

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