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In the 25th century humanity was attacked by a mysterious alien force known as the Xatax. The aliens began to attack the planets of the galactic Alliance, consuming the life force of their inhabitants and growing stronger after each victory. Accustomed to several centuries of peace and virtually disarmed, the humans have no other weapon at their disposal but an ancient starfighter, which has been taken from the Interguild Museum and restored to combat condition. This vessel is humanity's last and only hope.

Xatax is a side-scrolling shooter in which the player must defend the remains of the Alliance's guilds against the titular aliens. This is accomplished in a traditional shoot-em-up fashion, fighting waves of alien ships and stationary turrets. The player-controlled ship can become stronger by collecting power capsules dropped by defeated enemies. The game features three different worlds, of which the shareware version only contains the first.

Since the year 2200 there was no war and almost every weapon was dismantled. In the year 2437, Xatax appeared - a huge bio-mechanical being consuming everything it encounters, atacked the defenceless earthlings. Then, when all hope was lost, a spaceship able to attack the Xatax was found...

That is the story of Xatax. Now you can forget it because you won't need it. Xatax is just another side-scrolling space shooter with huge fleets of enemies coming against one small ship - you. It has very simple gameplay. Good thing about it is that the difficulty settings really change the game experience, so you can play on easy mode with one hand tied to a chair, whereas the hard mode will be quite a challenge, even for the most skilled of players.

Xatax features very nice and colorful graphics, but unfortunately only with minor changes throught the whole game, so it can get repetitive after a while.

Sounds and music are rather poor. There are only very few sound effects and the music is there only to irritate you. Personally, I recommend you to switch it off immediately.

Overall, this game introduces nothing new to the genre. It has usual powerups and repetitive gameplay. It's absolutely average game so it gets an appropriately average rating.

Xatax is a side-scrolling shooter that doesn't add any revolutionary concept to the genre, but does what it does well: furious action, tons of power ups, endless waves of enemy ships, and well-designed levels. A fun and harder-than-average shooter that bodes well for the fledling company.

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