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A directly TRON-inspired (though unlicensed) variety of the snake game, Zona 0 puts the player in control of a "light cycle" that zooms across an enclosed grid with other bikes, each leaving impassable lines in their wake. As the play field gets cluttered up with these trails, it gets more and more difficult to avoid accidentally driving in to one, veering sharply with 90-degree turns. The player's goal is to outlast the computer-operated light bikes, proceeding to the next level.

A simple and addictive game, that's the winning formula that was used with so many classics, and this (although not really well known) would really fall into this category.

Zona 0 is a game made by the Spanish company Topo Soft and features you riding a fast bike leaving a trail behind your motorcycle. With the trail you leave behind you cut off the competition. If you collide with another cycle, with a wall, drive off the platform, or crash into a trail (of either your or another's) you will loose a life.

The trick is to cut off the opponents while having enough space to maneuver around until the other riders crash (they can't stop).

The color is very nice (you get to choose between different modes, but I suggest the VGA mode). There is however a little glitch, so every now and again you may see another cycle for a split second, but it's just a phantom image of what shouldn't be there.

The sound isn't anything special, so there's not much to say about it. It does the job of supporting the game. But the addictiveness of the game doesn't really need a sound supporting it. If you really want impressive sound, check the INTRO file.

You can redefine the keys to your will (and I suggest you do so, just remember, you're only able to move in diagonals).

All in all, this is a great little time waster, unfortunately you'll always have to start from the beginning, as the game offers no type of saving or level passwords. That's also the only reason I'm not giving it a perfect score.

Zona 0 is a fun puzzle / action game that is a faithful translation of the game "Light Cycle" in the classic movie Tron (this is the game most people think of when they say "a Tron-like game," although there are many more games in the movie). As in the movie, the gameplay is simple yet addictive: the object is to surround the computer's yellow cycles with a trail of light emitted from the back of Tron's blue cycle. If Tron's cycle runs into the side walls, or light from any of the other cycles, he dies. There are new surprises in higher levels, and each new enemy vehicle also seem to evade your energy trail better than the last. Overall, a fun game that's good for whiling away a few minutes at a time, although you'll need a lot of perseverance if you want to see the final level, since it is impossible to save your progress. A definite must-have for all Tron fans :)

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