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Vigilance on Talos V is about Killian Jared, a man who became a mercenary to save his daughter Celeste from an evil race of aliens known as the Xenos. Having learned the location of their main base from an informant, he begins one-man assault to rescue his daughter.

The gameplay is a lot like Nintendo's Metroid series. The main goal of the game is to explore the base, blasting enemies with a variety of weapons, and finding special upgrades, such as energy tanks to increase your maximum health and the Saturn Ball, whereby Killian rolls into a ball to squeeze through tight spaces.

In Vigilance On Talos V, you are the mercenary Killian Jaradd. Your daughter Colesce has been kidnapped by the evil alien race of Xenos. Your quest will take you through three different military bases in an attempt to rescue your daughter and defeat Drektor, the evil leader of the Xenos.

The game shares many similarities to the Metroid series. In fact, it could be called a "clone". You will explore non-linear areas in an attempt to find upgrades such as extra weapons, (such as missiles), which are not only used for combat, but also to open locked doors. You will also find power-ups that will give you extra abilities to go further into the world (like the Saturn Ball, which lets you roll into a ball to squeeze through gaps). Also much like Metroid, you will find energy tanks which will increase the maximum health you can hold.

The graphics are very attractive, although they aren't very original. There's a 3D rendered intro at the beginning of the game that explains the story. The backgrounds and the sprites look good, such as the main character and the flip he makes when he jumps. The bubble doors that lead to different screens look almost exactly like the ones from Metroid, as well as the alien statues that hold the extra upgrades. There's some voice acting in the intro and when you talk to friendly aliens, but it's all done by one person and isn't very good.

If you've played all the Metroid games and are looking for more of the same gameplay, then Vigilance on Talos V is a very good choice, though some Metroid veterans may not like the lack of an auto-map. Vigilance on Talos V is an altogether above-average action game that all fans of Samus Aran and her adventures should play.

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