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Shao Kahn has won. The Earthrealm is no more. In order to revive his Queen Sindel, the emperor Shao Kahn used the Outworld Tournament from Mortal Kombat 2 as a diversion while his Shadow Priests revive his fallen Queen on Earth. Once enacted, the dimensional bridge between the two realms connects, allowing Kahn's extermination squads to invade and destroy Earth, and enslave the population's souls.A small team of Raiden's "Chosen Warriors" survives the attack: Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang and his ally Kung Lao, Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jax, the shaman Nightwolf, the riot cop Stryker, the nomadic Kabal, and former Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero, who has gone rogue from his clan. Facing the warriors are the mercenary Kano, cyber-ninjas Smoke, Sektor and Cyrax, Sheeva, a female Shokan, the sorcerer Shang Tsung, and Queen Sindel herself.

Mortal Kombat 3 brings new elements to the 2D fighting series: multi-level playfields, "Dial-A-Combo" attacks, a "Run" button to speed up the battles, and "Vs." codes, which unlock new powers and abilities once both players enter a code sequence in pre-match-up screens. Also included are more stage fatalities and finishing moves as each warrior attempts to go one-on-one with the Centaurian enforcer Motaro, and Shao Kahn himself.

Mortal Kombat 3 is the last traditional one-on-one fighting game game in the series to feature motion-captured digitized graphics for its kombatants, and introduces online network play to the PC version.

Talk about a sore loser! Shao Kahn was so frustrated after suffering defeat in MKII, that he revived his 10,000-year-old plan of resurrecting his queen Sindel, but NOT on Outworld... on EARTH. Uh-oh! The Elder Gods can only watch as Kahn steals the soul of every human being and merges Earth with the Outworld. But there are souls that he CAN'T take: the souls of the warriors whom Raiden (a rebel frowned upon by the Gods, BTW) chose to stand against Kahn's rule. So what does Kahn do? He sends HIS champions to kill the warriors. What happens next? Well, MORTAL KOMBAT!!

Although many hardcore MK fans were disappointed by new faces replacing well-known favorites, and the absence of the palette-swapped ninjas, MK 3 was still a great game. It follows the tradition of its predecessors by bringing new gameplay mechanics, characters, and secrets into the fold. One such addition is the inclusion of a Run button, which helps you to pull off quick and devastating combos, another new addition to the series.

There are fourteen characters this time around, plus one unlockable. You select your character and choose one of three towers. The higher the tower, the more people you fight, and the harder it is. Once you battle your way to the top, you must face Motaro, King of the Centaurs, then Shao Kahn himself. Defeat him again, and you win the game! When you play a 2-player VS game, you both work together to enter secret codes on the VS screen to make the fight more fun.

This is the DOS version of the game. The Windows version was based on the original Playstation version, but the DOS version is its own unique port, and is actually closer to the arcade version gameplay-wise. The graphics are outstandingly crisp, and so is the sound. The music is CD-quality, providing rich candy for the ears while you rip your opponent's skeleton from their skin.

All in all, MK 3 is a terrific game, worthy of the name Mortal Kombat, and the DOS version doesn't disappoint in delivering all the arcade action to your PC.

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