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When Resident Evil came out for the Sony PlayStation, it rocked the console gaming community. It was a 3rd person action adventure game with preset camera angles and rendered backgrounds, much like Alone in the Dark. And it was mind-numbingly gory and filled to the brim with terror and horror movie elements. In fact it was so popular that it spawned a director's cut and a sequel. Now it has hit the PC game market. The question is, does it hold up to PC game standards? Sure it may have been a cult classic on the console market, but the PC has been subjected to many of these games over the years. The answer is simple one: yes.

If you've ever played the PlayStation version, then you know what's in store for you. If you haven't, what you'll basically be doing is trying to survive in a mansion and find your crew/team members. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not really -- the house has been overrun by zombies and hellhounds. And of course, there's an explanation behind this and that is what you try to find out throughout the course of the game. But first, you'll need to find some weapons to protect yourself with. There are all sorts of pistols and shotguns and even some bazooka type weapons. Even though you have these weapons to fend off the zombies with, you'll need to use them sparingly because ammo is scarce in the house. And for the adventure part of the game, you'll have to search out items and use them to solve puzzles. A typical puzzle is finding the right key for a door or shutting off a water valve. Not terribly advanced or challenging stuff here, but it's fun.

One might think that Resident Evil for the PC would feature a different saving system than the console version. Many PC gamers are very much used to saving wherever and whenever they want. But it was not meant to be here. It has been ported directly and explicitly from the PlayStation and you will have to find ink ribbons to save your game. There are a limited amount of ink ribbons in the game, so you must use them with caution. Also ported over are the infamous item/drop boxes. Depending on which character you use, you can only have 6 or 8 items in your inventory at once. So you'll have to store things in crates that are scattered about through the house. These "faults" can easily be overlooked, however.

If you never played Resident Evil on the PlayStation and you're looking for a great action/adventure game with plenty of horror and gore, pick this game up. And even if you have the PlayStation version, you may want to check this PC version out as well. It's uncut and has some scenes that Resident Evil Director's Cut doesn't have. Bottom line: Resident Evil is a classic and everyone should experience it at least once in their lives.

Graphics: The graphics have been enhanced a bit for the PC version. The game utilizes 3D acceleration, which results in a great looking game. All the rendered backgrounds have been ported over and the overall look of the game is better thanks to the higher resolution.

Sound: Ah, yes, all the old tunes from the PlayStation version are here. The music is creepy and deliciously dynamic. The same applies for the creatures and zombies you will have to fight. They moan and howl and are just downright scary.

Enjoyment: Resident Evil is brilliant. It's one of the few games in history that actually scares you and makes you jump out of your seat.

Replay Value: This game is good enough to go through twice. There's also two different storylines, depending on which character you use.


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