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A small tendril of smoke rose from the torch down the hall as it suddenly extinguished. Slipping his bow and remaining water arrows into the quiver on his back, he melted into the ebony darkness which enveloped the hallway.

"Eh?" the startled guard ahead exclaimed in a gruff voice. Chainmail clinking together, he turned quickly and surveyed the hallway behind him. Pausing for a second, he intently studied the shadows, his eyes passing completely over the hidden form. Shaking his head, he turned around and muttered to himself.

"Damned cheap torches. The third one tonight! We could have taffers crawling through this place. I should've joined the army!"

Garrett began breathing again as the guard paced away, continuing his patrol. Emerging from the shadows, he drew a small blunt club from the volumptious folds on his black cloak in one fluid motion. Soft-soled shoes hugging the opulent carpet, Garrett rushed towards the man with the ferocity and dexterity of a hunting cat. With a single blow to the base of the neck, the guard crumpled into a silent heap.

With a successful nod, Garrett shifted the pack full of loot from the house and made his way towards an open window, curtains blowing in the warm summer air.

A clean job. The best kind. 'Tis the life of a thief.

Welcome to the world of Garrett, a thief trained from his childhood by a secret underground society, and a man who single-handedly has stopped both the undead and The Trickster, a god.

This time around, a year after the original Thief, Garrett finds himself in a town rife with people opposed to his trade. A new sheriff is in town, and is fed up with thievery. The fanatical religious Hammerites are still around, and practicing the trade is now a risky business.

While it would be possible to dilvuge some of the storyline, it truly would ruin the surprises. Suffice to know that this time around, thieving is much more difficult for Garrett. The storyline is very well done and unfolds through missionn objectives. Looking Glass has taken great pains to make Thief II: The Metal Age a title that draws you into the role of Garrett.

Thief II: The Metal Age continues in the spirit of Thief: The Dark Project in that the point is to remain hidden, and in many mission, to not kill anyone. This delivers a truly interesting and innovating aspect to the first-person shooter genre.

AI in Thief II is improved over the first title and offers some innovative features. There is not just one type of guard - some have been drinking, some are sleepy, and some are razor-sharp and on edge. The most interesting people you'll encounter are both the robots and the children. If a child hears you pass by, rest assured that they will not let you pass without investigating!

The engine in Thief II: The Metal Age and the interface will be recognizable by fans of the first title as not much has changed. However, the improved AI, much different mission goals, and the new types of people you'll come across surely offer enough innovation.

New tools of the trade include Garrett's mechanical eye which allows you to zoom in and out, a potion which allows you to float to the ground like a feather, and a spy-orb which acts like a remote control camera. The convential tools from the first installment are all found here.

If you're looking for a title which breaks away from the "see-'em, shoot-'em" first person games, Thief II: The Metal Age offers a different experience.

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