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Police: Tactical Training is a reasonably good simulation of police academy firearm training. It starts out well but devolves into a repetitive and impossibly difficult game. Still, shooting cardboard criminals can offer a release from stress and the anticipation built into the game ensures a rush in at least some of the simulations. The game is moderately enjoyable for a first-person shooter and parents may appreciate that the only violence is directed at corrugated paper cutouts. In essence, though, it's no different from games like Doom or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

The target ranges in Police: Tactical Training are easy to grasp but the "walk" and "sniper" missions are amazingly difficult, partially due to the requirement to use the mouse and the arrow keys on the keypad simultaneously. The joystick interface is horrible and isn't a viable option. Ambidextrous players should have a big advantage but, regardless of your "handedness," plan on playing each course a minimum of five times before completion. Another reason for the high level of difficulty is the "trick" of putting guns in the hands of little old ladies and cell phones in the hands of thugs. Shoot the wrong person and kiss your score goodbye.

The 23 scenarios in the game are broken down into three areas including firing range, alley walks and sniper missions. While the enjoyment factor begins at a high level, it quickly drops once you've tried all three types of scenarios. The new weapons that become available as you advance through missions are nice features but aren't enough to generate any real replay value.

Graphically, Police: Tactical Training is on par with other games released in the same time frame. The graphics and animation are smooth with few rough edges, although occasional screen freezes can disrupt play. And, naturally, the freezes always seem to occur at the least opportune times and thwart your attempts to advance to the next level. The choice of only four faces from which to choose your character is slightly disappointing. Being able to customize a face or choose from a more representative selection would have made the game a bit more personal and allow for a better gaming experience.

The sound is fairly important to the ambience but not so much in terms of gameplay -- it can be turned off without any great consequences. The only useful sound is that of the cardboard targets popping up from hiding places. Other noises, such as the trainer yelling, clips clicking and guns firing, are realistic but don't add any extra dimensions to gameplay.

Overall, Police: Tactical Training is a decent shooter that doesn't distinguish itself from many of the others in the genre. The user interface could be much better and the number of training scenarios should have been greatly increased. A few more months in development might have increased its worth but, as it is, there are better first-person shooters on the market.

Graphics: The animation and graphics are smooth, although some screen freezes can ruin the game.

Sound: Most of the sound is noise but a few are helpful. Turning the sound off will most likely not affect gameplay.

Enjoyment: The game starts off well but finishes weakly. With only three real scenarios, it's easy to get bored.

Replay Value: The bonus weapons are nice but not significant enough to make you want to replay the missions.


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