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This squad-based first-person shooter is designed to please solo adventurers and online gamers alike, boasting both responsive AI and solid multiplayer support. The Global Ops player becomes a member of one of several diverse teams, ranging from government-supported peacekeepers to rogue guerilla forces. Missions are set around the world and many are loosely based on actual events, adding an additional degree of realism to the game.

The player also chooses a specialty for his or her character, which gives the persona special skills such as demolitions expertise or a sniper's accuracy. Any character can use any weapon in a pinch, however, and missions do not always run exactly as planned. The game features 32 different weapons in all, as well as armor, binoculars, knives, medical kits, and other useful equipment. Up to 24 players can join to do battle online across the Internet or a local network.

Global Operations is a stand alone, team-based, first-person shooter based on a significantly modified version of the LithTech 2.5 engine. The game features multiplayer action for up to 24 players, along with a single-player game with AI-controlled teammates and opponents.

Global Operations places the player among real-world special forces, peacekeepers, terrorists, rebel groups and guerilla forces. Levels have various objectives that are appropriate to the map location and each level has a pre-defined time limit. The missions are loosely based on real-life events that take place in various international locations such as Peru, Sri Lanka and the SkiiNaaz Tunnel. Each of the 28 elite fighting forces in the game are based on the actual combatants in the real-world location being portrayed.

For many years now EA has been releasing great games including Black & White, C&C Red Alert 2 and many more. Remember how successful Counter-Strike has been for the last years? Well, if you liked Counter-Strike you will love this game.

Let me snip some bit about the game into the introduction, what makes this game different is the opportunity to pick the player you want to play with, each player has his own specialty the "medic" with the ability to cure people, the "sniper" with the ability of shooting far and accurately, the "recon" with the ability of locating enemy's on his radar, the "commando" with the ability of carrying many weapons, the "demoman" with the ability of defusing and charging large explosives, the "heavy gunner" with the ability of controlling heavy guns to end with the original "intelligence officer".


While the game is very realistic in many ways, the graphics appear cartoonish, in a bad manner. What I do like about the graphics is how they make the guns and equipment seem to be so real. However the houses, soldiers, trees, sand; don't give the impression of being so real. But Global Operations has the great single and multiplayer game to compensate for it; you will not have enough time to matter if the graphics aren't the best.

Sounds / Music:

The sound and music are great; they are both very realistic and make the game play much better. They made sounds for everything walking, running, reloading, shooting, talking etc. For quite the first time in my playing life, the sound really affects the gameplay, it is not just a matter of full 3d sounds to track down other people, a close explosion could do as much damage as driving you deaf for a little amount of time! The only thing that's repetitive about the sound is that both teams have the same voice of an allied trooper, example: say you are U.S.A army, vs. Mexico and you want to tell your troops to GO! It will sound the same way if the Mexico team tells their troops to GO! Anyway the sound system is an impressive effort and each single weapon has its own different sound.


Like I wrote in the introduction you choose a character out of six, Medic, Sniper, Commando, Recon, Heavy gunner and demo man and each one has his own specialties. Like I remarked earlier, this game is very realistic, everything in this game is life-like including guns, equipment and even the missions. Some of the equipment you have in this game is night vision, thermal vision, flash grenades, grenades, scopes and much more. After you pick the character and equipment you want for your character you start the game and have to participate in missions that happened in real life; when you are finished with the good-boy team campaign you can then head on playing the bad team campaign. Each mission has a different story line, as an example in the first mission you're the allied side attacking a fortress in Mexico and your objectives is to blow up two possessions. The opposite team, Mexico needs to defend these from allies instead. In this mission Allies are tagged as the good ones whilst Mexicans are the bad guys. Sadly the Artificial Intelligence is way too smart and often it will cover bits of gameplay that should be left to the player. Global Operations requires not enough strategy in single player mood, often you will feel like the mission could have been completed without your efforts. There's a cash reward, and that was extremely well thought, everything you makes will get you some money, time you have been alive, people taken down and more, to enhance the excitement when you are shot your possessions are not lost, they will just lie close to the dead body ready to be collected again. The multiplayer game in Global Operations is fun and amazing; everything missing in single player mode is now there: other players, real cooperation and more will make you rejoice. Of course you can choose to play on LAN or on the Internet. It is very similar to Counter-Strike with up to 24 players and 2 teams. As in single player it is a matter of 2 teams, each one has an own objective, of course the reward system will boost the game in multiplayer a lot more than in single player mode. The game is worth your money, though you must be willing to play it in multiplayer mode, single player looks like some training ground to the multi party, not a game on its own.


In conclusion this is a solid game with lith-tech enigne level graphics, but a game that compensates by being very realistic and a great single/multiplayer game. This is really a game you can have a lot of fun with on a LAN party, if you dare moving a bit away from Counter-Strike and trying something new.


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