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Do you remember the original Pitfall for the Atari 2600 which was released a little more than a decade ago by Activision in 1982? Well hold on to your hats as the game has jumped into the 90's being released simultaneously with Windows 95 and specifically designed for use with this platform. That's right, the legendary side-scrolling game "Pitfall" is back bringing ultimate arcade-action to your PC in "The Mayan Adventure"!

In The Mayan Adventure you are Harry Jr., son of the original Atari 2600 Pitfall Harry who took time off from his adventures to raise a son. Seeing how his son loved adventure and longing for an experience like he had in the past, he and his son set off to the jungles of Central America to search for the lost treasures of the Mayans. While they were exploring the temple of Uaxactun, Harry Sr. gets kidnapped by an evil Mayan warrior named Zakelua, Lord of Evil, who guards the treasures of Uaxactun.

This is where your adventure begins as you try to rescue your father traveling through thirteen different levels and four bonus rounds, one of which is the original Atari 2600 game. In some of the levels you will discover a basic white scorpion which will time warp you back to a primitive time, back to the first Pitfall. In the present, you are armed with ancient Mayan weapons which you and your father have found in the jungle such as a sling shot, Mayan boomerang, and the exploding stone of Pacal which destroys almost all your enemies in sight. Stones are used as ammunition for your sling and are found all throughout the Mayan lands in small brown sacks. Your enemies are everywhere in the jungle. You'll have to fight spiders, snakes, monkeys, bats, butterflies, skeletons, jaguars, hawks, and many others! There will be ropes for you to climb, vines to swing on, spider webs to bounce in, bungee-jumping, pit-hopping and crocodile-dodging.

A game starts you off with three lives in which you can monitor your health by watching a crocodile in the upper right corner of the screen. As you get weaker, the crocodile approaches and finally chews you up. The bottom of the screen consists of your current weapon and the amount of gold coins you have collected. Having only a certain amount of continues available for a game, every 50 gold coins collected will gain you another continue. During the levels you will run into Location Idols which will point the direction in which you should be traveling. They will also remember your visit with them and allow you to continue from there the next time you die. Other items you will find in the jungle are diamond rings, hearts (good for a little health), Mayan chili pepper which causes an increase in strength, silver and gold bars, and also a rare Mayan artifact called the Golden Idol which bestows to you an extra life.

The bonus levels will allow you to gain extra lives and other rare Mayan artifacts. The Atari 2600 bonus level looks quite easy and shows just how far we have gone in video games in the last 13 years. Sounds are simple beeps and buzzes with graphics that have almost no detail.

Pitfall's Mayan Adventure graphics were brought to life by the award-winning Hollywood animation studio Kroyer Films, best known for the movie "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest". The animation is fluid and beautifully designed in this 2D arcade game with 256 brilliant colors. The game play is fast and rapid for a windows game which provides fast arcade action. You will see lucious jungles, sparkling waterfalls, and cool mines to explore, all of which is very realistic looking.

The sound effects for Pitfall are also quite spectacular and were created by Soundelux Media Labs, who has also worked on True Lies, Cliffhanger, and Home Alone 2. Sounds are authentic having been recorded deep in the jungles of Central America. You'll hear tropical birds singing, jaguars roaring, and drum beating music creating suspense as you explore the jungle. You'll even hear yourself say, "Whoa!" while jumping from vine to vine.


Ptifall: The Mayan Adventure is an excellent game. It will provide numerous hours of entertainment as you try to rescue Pitfall Harry. A new game can be started from any of the levels which you have accomplished which is nice when you just want to try and finish another level for the day.


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