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Terrorists strike and you must use force to counteract. You have various weapons and equipment at your disposal to take care of these bad guys and it's shoot on sight. Vigilance has sort of the same concept of Rainbow 6, yet Rainbow 6 was tactical and there are no tactics to Vigilance, you just go in and get the job done at any cost. Vigilance is displayed with a 3rd person view which shows the current character you control very nicely. To give you more understanding of the 3rd person view, let me tell you that it is nothing like Tomb Raider's camera. In Tomb Raider it was very hard to maneuver, your own person model sometimes blocked the view of where the enemy was: Vigilance takes full advantage of 3Dfx's transparency effects and fades away your character so that you can see.

The control to this game is pretty hard but not something you can't get used to. The default keyboard settings for Vigilance is something like I had for my Keyboard + Mouse combo in Quake 2. W, S, A, D is used for moving around (keys can be remapped) but in Quake 2 you could turn your body using the mouse to move left and right, in Vigilance you may be able to do it by turning Crosshair lock on, but otherwise the Crosshair moves in free motion across the screen. In Quake 2 the crosshair stayed stationary until you moved your actual body. This makes the control pretty hard but with a little practice you will be able to get it down.

The graphics to this game are very good, and the levels are huge. The player models to this game are designed very nice and they walk and move their arms in a life-like motion. Level design is very good, though some textures are not nice. For example I saw an area where water was supposed to show but it basically just looked blue, no water look or waves like Quake/Quake 2 has.

There is a large number of characters to choose from (15+) and a large selection of weapons and items you can get. So far one of the items I saw was a CD that I had to use in the mission I was playing to insert it into a computer which would give it a virus and destroy vital computer files so terrorists can not obtain it. The first weapon you start off with is a pistol-like weapon, it's very nice and has a nice shooting sound to it. I also found a machine gun, though I didn't like the sounds to it because I heard no shell dropping sounds and it just sounds like it stops abnormally. The crosshair in Vigilance is quite large but can be changed in the options menu to small, but its default large size is about the size of a person's thumb and when it is aimed at an enemy then the color of the crosshair turns green (much like SiN). Not only can you get guns but you can also get bombs to throw, and also an enemy can be carrying a keycard so that when you kill him you may use it to open doors.

Most of Vigilance is 3D, but there are still some 2D things to it: when weapons and armor are on the floor they are shown as 2D. There are also some clipping problems in the game but that really happens with a lot of 3D shooters, and this game didn't come from an experienced company at making games like this. One of two problems that I found was that when you run out of ammo there is a character animation of the guy reloading; well the problem is when you have nothing to reload with, he does the same animation, just no *click* sound for the reload. Second problem is that I see no way to defend yourself if you have ran out of ammo: I tried to use my fists but I saw nowhere how to do that so I was basically a sitting duck. One of the good things is that you are supplied with a radar: it shows a variable of how near you are to the point of destination or enemy. Even though the radar does that, it will not show a variable at long distance, only about when you're somewhat near.

From what I know, you are able to use pistols, automatics, rocket launchers, bombs, and sniper rifles. There are more in the game you can find. Vigilance does not have a very good blood system but it's better than not having blood at all -- it looks like the Quake blood, and for those of you who don't remember that then let me refresh your memory: it looks like a bunch of box-shaped pixels in red color of different shades, it doesn't look so bad. But one thing that Quake didn't do that Vigilance can is that it stains blood on the wall. Another cool thing is that when you're hit in specific areas of your body you can see the bullet holes and blood stains on your player model.

The A.I. to this game varies depending on the difficulty you choose: I chose Rookie and the enemies basically stand there to get shot and it's very easy to dodge their fire. Also when you climb a ladder in Vigilance you are still able to shoot, a nice addition to the genre. It also matters where you hit terrorists: head shots are usually a one-shot kill. You also have to remember that some characters are better suited to some weapons; SegaSoft says there are 27 available deathmatch characters to choose from, including: Sniper (allows zoom with ANY weapon), Recon (can determine distance of the next target which is displayed on the top right), Demolition (causes extra damage with grenades), Speed (runs faster), Stealth (moves silently and NEGATES recon), Tough (additional Health and/or Strength), Armor (always starts with Armor), Ammo Cache (carries more ammo), and the Assassin which can do more damage when using the G20 Silenced Pistol, and when you hit an enemy from behind it does even MORE damage.

Not only can the game be 3rd person but it can also be 1st person by pressing the F12 key. A surprising thing I noticed was that enemies can pick up items like a gun or health box on the floor. And enemies react to sounds so it may be a good idea to crouch and then walk near them to shoot. There are over 25 weapons in the game (yes, 25!) but you can only carry 10 at a time. And carrying a lot of items makes you walk/run slower, and when you drop your gun you also drop the ammo out of it.

I really have to say this was a great attempt of SegaSoft's to make a good 3rd person shooter. It has nice graphics, very good level design and is pretty fun, there are only a few problems but it is still a great game.


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