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A group of reploids known as the Repliforce, led by Colonel and the huge General, desires independence from the humans that made them, although unlike the Mavericks, they do not wish to harm humans. Even so, a war breaks out between the Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, who have pegged the force as Mavericks. And laughing as he watches it all from behind the scenes is, to quote Split Mushroom: "Take a wild guess."


If this game was on the Nintendo, Sega or made 4 years ago the graphics would be sweet, but it's on the PC and the graphics are terrible. The game was made with one resolution: 320x240. You can change modes up 800x600, but it just reduces the screen size. Unfortunately they have ruined a possibly good game by using outdated graphics.


The sound effects are average for any platform type game. There is some speech and the sound effects, but nothing outstanding. The sound effects just squeak by.


This game was actually pretty fun to play. The challenge of each level was different. The big bosses required a different strategy to kill, unlike some games where once you figure out the first one all the rest are the same. With my lack of skill in this area I spent quite a few lives trying to discover each boss's weakness and pattern so that I could avoid being killed.

Fun Factor:

After playing through the first few levels I got bored with the game, but I think if the graphics were better I might have been interested enough to move a bit further. Platform shooters have been done to death and this one has nothing new to offer.

Overall Impression:

This game was thrown together. If more time had been spent updating the graphics and sound, it might have been worth the time, but as it stands this game is a flop. Only those of you who live to play platform games should bother with this one.


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