Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise Download (2002 Arcade action Game)

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The dynamic big screen duo make their PC debut with almost as big a bang as in the PlayStation counterpart. Players control either Lilo or Stitch through areas of the Hawaiian Islands while avoiding a montage of enemies so the two can remain together forever. Few differences exist between the two titles, and for PC users, the game delivers the same Disney fun to the computer screen.

Switching characters provides players with the ability to use different moves, which is great for relieving repetition. Lilo, while not as zealous as Stitch, can bash her enemies or cast voodoo spells to move explosive pots and blow things up. This is a very useful skill when there's no path to maneuver past the man-eating flowers that cannot be bashed. She is functional in combat, though not as energetic as her alien partner. As with similar PC games, controlling the characters comes from the arrow keys and this proves difficult considering avoiding hazards and obstacles in each level requires quite a bit of back and forth movement.

Stitch is also keypad-controlled with the same difficulty and like Lilo, has the bash ability that flattens enemies, but also possesses more exciting combat skills. His spit attack would be better named "gingivitis genocide" as he belches a toxic fume at his aggressors. He also has a spin attack and a roll attack that will knock most anything out as he blazes through his levels' boxes, barrels, and enemies.

Because the game uses the electronic version of an instruction manual, to prevent further control complications it would be advisable to print the control menu from the manual before beginning. Navigation and eliciting other actions will require practice and memorization of the keyboard keys.

This game is loaded with energy and, by providing the characters with plenty of lives and opportunities to earn extras, play can continue tirelessly. Periodically players may experience frustration resulting from the quirkiness of the control keys. Though manageable, it takes time to become acquainted with the controls, and many tries will be exhausted before progress is rapidly forthcoming. Even with this drawback, it's nonetheless an entertaining and well-done adventure that will take ages before reducing a child to boredom.

Graphics: Excellent interpretations of the animated characters and well-designed backdrops -- naturally far better than its 32-bit console counterpart.

Sound: A very decent mix of background music and sound effects along with distinct voice-overs.

Enjoyment: A lot of fun for kids and a good follow-up to the movie.

Replay Value: Though entertaining, not enough variables to induce repeated play after completing all levels.


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