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In Dr. Blobs Organism, you use your weapons of firepower to destroy the evil mutating viruses/organisms that are trying to escape from the safe confines of the Petri dishes that are holding them. Why are they escaping? Who knows! But you must destroy ASAP.

While the concept itself is quite intriguing, the game is quite repetitive, with simply blasting the viruses from level to level, and not adding much variety between the levels - in terms of both graphics and simply other elements that could have been added to the game, like a story mode for example, and maybe, oh say, a multiplayer mode.

The objective of each level is quite simple. Blast the mutating virus or organism depending on your outlook, and simply hit the core of said object to drain its energy level. Once you drain it to the bottom, you will have defeated the virus, and will be allowed to move onto the next level. As you are blasting the virus, pieces of the virus/organism will break off and try to escape the Petri Dish. If any part of the organism escapes, you will lose one of your lives, and you will continue to do so until you blast that piece of the organism. However, to aid you in your destruction against the organism, you will be able to collect extra lives and powerups to help destroy that pesky organism quicker.

These powerups range from spread shots, to having two different blasters, to essentially different firepower combinations that will cut through the organism and hit its core. These powerups are for a limited time, so make sure to use them as soon as you can.

Graphically, the game looks all right. It's not bad, but at the same time, it's not great either. But it does the trick nicely. The organism that you fight in each level tends to look the same, and it would have been great had there perhaps been some more variety in this area. Even just recoloring the virus would have been something different. The backgrounds too, stay the same throughout each of the levels; it would have been nice to see some changes here as well.

The music in the game is one of the high points of the whole experience, as the tracks are varied and quite nice to hear as you are blasting away the organisms in each of the levels. They do not seem to be out of place, and there is enough tracks to listen to that most people will not get annoyed with.

The game itself is quite fun to play at first, as you blast away the different organisms. The problem is simply that there is not much else to do once you get past the initial excitement. There is no multiplayer, and not much variety in terms of the different organisms you face. There are different difficulty levels to challenge how fast you can deal with the mutating organism, but other than that, it would have been great to see more done.

There is plenty of potential in this game, and to think that this was actually a shareware game at one time. While I commend the developers for releasing this game and many others at the site as freeware, the game does not hold up unfortunately.

If you are looking for having a little bit of fun blasting away some cold organisms for a little while, check out Dr. Blobs Organism.


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