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Yeti Studios apparently decided that PC gamers were missing a nice anime-style mech 3rd person shooter everyone could enjoy and began developing Gun Metal. Now honestly this game really didn't interest me when news of its creation came to view, but I thought it should be tested none the less.


Gun Metal is set in the far future where war has of course broken out. Your mech is a new proto-type your government has created to help defend your people against the enemy. Each mission starts off with an overview map displaying your objectives, while you are told off by a generic general.

The gameplay for Gun Metal was indeed fun, for about 20 minutes. This game was almost your average run around shoot-em up style 3rd person budget game. It was almost reminiscent of Oni, but with no hand-to-hand combat. The only thing different is your ability to transform into a jet and fly the skies. While this could have been a very unique and interesting feature, the flight engine is so poor that you never really have a feeling of flight. There's not really much to the missions either. You alternate between walking over or shooting vehicles and flying over the skies while taking down enemy planes. The controls are really basic. You're given goals; mainly kill and defend, gather ammo, keep your finger on the fire button and aim at the bad guys. But even that gets old and pointless after awhile. Another major annoyance is the ways the game's controls are setup. You have the ability to look about freely, but unless you use a joystick or pad, in order to actually turn, you must move your mouse all the way to the side of the screen, which is really irritating during combat. The levels are all the same, with the exception of doing battle in sunlight or at night.


Right off the bat, this is a very beautifully rendered game. With a sufficient system, gamers will love the excessive eye candy of this game. The reflective surfaces as well as the extremely detailed landscapes are enough to make you weak in the knees. Most of the levels are played at dawn/dusk with a fantastic lens flare giving you the familiar blindness of driving towards the sun on a bright afternoon. This is also one of the biggest downfalls of the graphics due to how you can't see at all during certain battles and have no idea where to fire. The destruction of terrain gets points though, mainly because during battles trees burst into flames when stepped on by your mech.

What is also appealing is the design of your mech. Any anime fan will definitely fall for this game as your mech closely resembles those of anime films. One of the most notable features of the game's engine is the realism of cloud shadows. You are able to see them move in perfect unison with clouds moving through the sky.


The sound in the game is as average as sound can be. The music is a little droll for an action game of this genre. Also, using a SBLive 5.1 sound card, my digital speakers had problems with sounds for certain things. For example, sounds on the beginning menu were distorted and static would erupt every time I took a step. The voices are poorly done, even for anime. Sounding like someone trying way too hard to sound like a commander, the voice commands get old fast. The only sounds that were enjoyable were the sounds of battle. The ships over head and the troops blasting lasers at your chest went very well with the style of gameplay and added a little more playability to the overall game.


Gun Metal is full of action that never stops. It offers a stylish look that is very well done and keeps you in awe, but ultimately it falls short of standard. While it will keep you playing for a short amount of time, it has essentially no replay value at all. There's a lot of room for improvement and potential if it were made better. The addition of multiplayer or co-op play would have definitely helped its chances in the market. The idea for an anime-style fight/flight combination game is an interesting concept, but unfortunately, Yeti Studios fell short on the follow through.


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