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With the whole first person shooter online gaming experience, it can be tough to stand apart from the games that are out. Thankfully, what we have with Warsow is a different sort of experience that retains much of the elements of action, speed, lots of weapons, different game modes and much more. This adds a new element to the game that also changes the mechanics a bit. The idea itself is only optional, but it adds a new perspective that can be taken in this sort of game. In Warsow, you get a great first person shooter, with plenty of action, many different game modes and ease of getting online to play with people, that really makes this game stand out.

Controls and different options can easily be setup when you first load up the game, which is advisable to do. You can also edit your character, mouse speed, graphics and so on if you wish to do some tweaking. Now the game is primarily online only, however you can play against bots for practice if you wish.

Now the gameplay element that I mentioned earlier focuses on the movement aspect of the game. There is a key you will need to remember known as the special key. This key allows you to do a wide range of different movements, such as wall jumping, bunny hopping, double jumps, ramp slides and more. Now these moves do not have to be used in game, but they can give you an advantage against your opponents so it would be wise to learn these moves. You can find out more detailed information in the movement section of the wiki link given earlier.

Firstly, the game uses a unique graphic style. It is a sort of cartoonish look combined with a cel shading style. It really looks great once you start exploring the levels themselves and see the style for yourself; it just stands out very well and just has a nice overall look I thought. The game uses a 3-D engine based on the Quake 2 GPL engine, which also was interesting to learn about. Granted once the action gets going it will be hard to pay attention to the levels themselves. There is always plenty of action going on once you start playing. As is the case with any game of this genre, depending on the amount of people you are playing with. You can end up in a huge match or maybe something smaller depending on whatever server you join or create yourself. There is always movement, dodging and fighting going on, so be prepared for the quickness of the game.

In this game, you will experience different game modes. From death match, to just normal dueling between opponents, capture the flag, team death match, Instagib, which is essentially everyone with one type of weapon and one hit kills. Also a racing mode, that's right where you actually race against an opponent, and midair which focuses on fragging an opponent with a rocket launcher and the kill must be done in air. As you can see you have quite a variety to choose from, and each one takes time to master, especially some of the unique idea, as it has always been said practice makes perfect. Finally, the ease of getting online and start finding games is easy. Just click join server and click search and you will see the many servers appear that you can have access to. Most did not have problems with, there is the odd one that is password protected and some have extra modifications that you will have to download, which the game does for you automatically, before you can start playing.

The only real fault that was a bit disappointed not to see was that there was no music in this game. Would have been nice if the maps each had, their own tune but can understand why it may not be used. It does help to speed up the game a bit for gamers with one less element having to be loaded, but of course, you can always just listen to your own tunes should you wish.

Overall this was a great game that I enjoyed playing. So check out Warsow and see it for yourself.


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