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Based on the BBC's cult science fiction series Doctor Who settings and characters, Destiny of the Doctors casts you as the Graak, an "electro-telepathic entity" created by the Doctor to release his various incarnations from the Master's insidious trap. Each mission to rescue a particular Doctor puts you up against such villainous TV staples as the Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians, Sontarans, and quite a few more.

The graphics are one of the game's highlights, with decent 3D models of the labyrinthine interior of the Doctor's time machine and several enemies, including the dreaded Daleks; however, some of the enemies -- the Sea Devils spring immediately to mind here -- are victims of 3D modeling that makes them look a bit silly.

While many of the visual details are faithful to the series, the game play is ultimately a bit boring: find an item allowing you defeat this level's aliens, get the item without getting killed, go kill the aliens, and then play an annoyingly hard-to-beat end-of-level mini game. Possibly the best feature of Destiny of the Doctors is a series of custom-shot video segments featuring Anthony Ainley as the Master, along with several newly recorded audio segments with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier. While they offer level-specific advice and keep the fans interested, not so helpful are the new audio segments recorded by actors trying to sound like the first two incarnations of the Doctor -- they don't sound anything like the late William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, and it's hardly a fitting tribute. The sound effects are vintage BBC stock and ring absolutely true to the series, and the in-game graphics are usually fairly good representations of the settings and characters from the TV series. Yet this doesn't rescue the game play itself from being a bit of a snoozer.

This game will really have the most replay value for the devoted fans eager to soak up the abundance of Who atmosphere; that said, not every fan will have the patience to slog through the whole thing again and again. There's a really good game waiting to be made out of Doctor Who, but Destiny of the Doctors isn't it.


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