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This collection is a set of four "retro games" based on fondly remembered titles from the 1980's. BOT Your mission is to prevent the Mother CPU from completing its military conquest of the planet. To succeed you'll need to pass through 5 levels of BOT soldiers shooting them at will, including a larger BOT boss at the end of every level. Try to pick up extra grenades, armor protection, and more powerful weaponry along the way to assist you in accomplishing this task. Finding the experimental lightning gun is especially helpful, since it inflicts twice as much damage on enemies as your normal gun.


You control a spaceship which you must use to clear the starlanes of subspace vortices (which look like terrestrial water bubbles). You must avoid contact with these vortices and shots by your own weapons, or your energy will slowly drain away. Your ship is armed with two weapons: guns, which are weak but use up little energy; and penetrators, which are strong but use up much more energy. Ship energy is used for thrusting, subspace jumping, and conducting repairs. Shields are used for defense only, and you lose shield power when you come in contact with vortices, bullets, penetrators, saucers, or stationary energy barbs.


A horde of robot commandos are attacking your base from the skies above. You control a single gun which you must aim and fire to stop the invaders, but don't run out of ammunition, or your base will certainly be destroyed. When a robot parachutes to the ground, it will walk towards your base and stand beside it. When 4 robots gather on one side of the base, they will destroy it, and the game will be over. The enemy ships include satellites, jets, and helicopters. Satellites fly past at high speeds, but they cannot harm your base directly. Jets fly overhead quickly, and the pilot will eject if you fire enough shots at it. Helicopters drop parachuting robots as they pass. Friendly UN Helicopters will drop extra ammo on your base if you let them fly peacefully overhead.


As Monty the Mole, you must rescue your belongings which the miners have scattered throughout the mines after they destroyed your beautiful home. Jump from platform to platform from the left to the right, grab the belonging, and jump back to the left to safely pass each level. Each time you save ten belongings, you will see an animation of Monty taking the rescued belongings to his new home. Since the mines are covered with radioactive ooze, you must limit your exposure to no more than 5 minutes at a time. That should be sufficient time to rescue each of your belongings. Every time you save a belonging, you will be given a password, so you can continue from the level where you stopped, even if you shut off your computer.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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