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Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games is geared toward the younger kids, but has more than enough fun and entertainment for gamers of all ages. When you first begin the game, you're treated to a fantastic introduction starring, of course, Timon and Pumbaa. They take the player to their Jungle Arcade where there are 5 games available for play. Most of the games are familiar adaptations of older arcade hits. With fancy graphics and humor only Disney could think of, each game is a joy to play.

The main menu is where the adventures begin. The menu is crawling with animals and bugs. The player can click on practically anything on the screen and something will happen. It's almost a game within itself. From the menu are the 5 selectable games. When one of the games is chosen, Timon and Pumbaa race over to the game you've selected and explain how to play the game. It's pretty hilarious to hear these two try and explain the games. It's like a scene right from the Lion King. Each game is different from the other as detailed below.

The first game I tried out was Jungle Pinball. The first thing that was noticeable were the detailed graphics. They are extremely clear and vibrant, as if they were taken right from the cartoon. The controls are simple enough to understand. The right and left flippers are used by pressing the "/" and "z" keys respectively. The pill bug, Disney's variation of the pinball, is launched by pressing the "enter" key. The game starts you off with 3 pill bugs and the object is to rack up as many points as possible. There are many hidden areas and bonuses to uncover. Timon, Pumbaa and a host of other characters appear as targets. Complete with zany sound effects and voices, this game kept me coming back for more. Pinball has never been so much fun!

Burper was the next game I tried out. Pumbaa is the controllable character in this addictive game. He's located at the bottom of the playing field while Timon is nearby shaking a tree. All sorts of goodies fall from the tree and it's Pumbaa's job to prevent the objects from hitting the ground. He does this by using his powerful burps. You gain points by hitting the different bugs before they touch the ground. If they do make it to the ground, they will come after you. You can stop the bugs by hitting them with Pumbaa's tail. If he gets hit by one of the falling objects or bitten by a bug too many times, you'll lose one of your tries. As in pinball, you only get 3 tries, so be careful! When you have managed to stop a certain amount of bugs, you will advance to the next level where they begin to fall at a faster rate. See how far you can get!

The next game brought back some memories of the arcade classic, Frogger. While not exactly the same, Hippo Hop shares some of the same play mechanics. The object is to help Timon cross the river with an ingredient that Pumbaa needs for his barbecue. The ingredients are placed on the logs and animals that are floating on the river. Pumbaa yells which one he needs, and you must leap from obstacle to obstacle to get the ingredient and deliver it to him on the other side. If you slip into the water or run out of time, you lose a try. You have 5 tries per game, so be careful.

In the mood for a puzzle game? If so, Bug Drop is Disney's version of Tetris. This is the one game that's 2 player simultaneous. You can challenge one of your friends or play against Timon or Pumbaa. Different colored bugs fall from the top of the screen. By lining up 4 of the same colored bugs, they will disappear. If you can manage to take out more than 4 bugs at once, you'll send some over to your friend. Don't let them stack up to the top, or the game will be over. Oh yeah, don't be surprised if Timon and Pumbaa give a little advice to you while you play the game. This game will have you playing for hours. Just like Tetris, you can't stop playing!

The final game available is Slingshooter. This is probably the simplest game to play. The object is to sling berries at the targets that Timon and Pumbaa have made up. Also, take aim at the hyenas and other scary beasts that lurk in the jungle. Be sure not to hit Pumbaa, Timon or their friends. The action is fast, so stay on your toes!

All 5 games are a blast to play. Each game keeps score and if you obtain a high score, you're name can be entered. If you're number 1, you'll become King of the jungle games. Each game is simple to learn and loaded with fun. Younger kids will especially enjoy this game. I soon found out that it's more than enough fun for gamers of all ages when my mom and dad sat down and played for a couple of hours. The graphics are excellent and the voices are straight from the movie. Each game will keep you coming back for more. This title has it all, and then some. It really is amazing that this is the first game Disney Interactive has made! They could have fooled me. Luckily they have many more titles scheduled to come out. Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games is highly recommended and great gaming for the entire family. You simply can't go wrong with this download!

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