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"You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi."

Captain Comic is a platformer featuring a huge nonlinear playfield divided into several different terrains. As Comic, you must search throughout Tambi for power ups and items that will aid you in your quest to recover the three treasures. The Captain's main weapon is 'Blastola Cola', a can of drink that allows him to hurl fireballs at his foes. For each can that he finds, an additional fireball can be thrown.

There are many different paths that are available from the start, but without the right item or weapon, it can be impossible to progress through certain paths, or even to commit suicide. It's up to the player to decide the correct route to take, and which places to return to at a later time.

Strap on your space suit and prepare yourself to be teleported right into the world that awaits. All is not what it seems, and your task of recovering stolen items is made more difficult by the many enemies, which is where Captain Comic comes in! That's right, it's Captain Comic, a sort of older hero from way back in 1988. This is a fun platform game that shows you what platform games were like back in the day. Well it was back in the day and even if you weren't there... (Oh, sorry; song moment.) Continue onward anyway and see what this title has to offer.

The story begins as Captain Comic has come to the planet Tambi to recover the treasures stolen from the planet Omsoc. This simple premise is in keeping with the early days of platform games; at least it has to some extent a story, so that's a plus. You will notice the graphics right away; there is not much in terms of sound either, with the odd blips and bops all you will hear, so prepare yourself for what is to come.

Graphically the game looks good for its age. The screen shows plenty of color for your character, the enemies, and the different environments that you will encounter. It is good all round in this area; it is not spectacular, but keeping in mind that it was released in 1988, it looks fine. There is always plenty of action on screen as well, with the different enemies in the various worlds you will see, and sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming with the numbers that come at you. This is especially apparent with the enemy tactic of suddenly appearing when you jump, as was common with platform games of the time. Still, it's manageable and mostly requires quick reflexes. The game itself is easy to pick up and get started. Eventually you'll start finding items, and soon you'll end up at the castle where you'll need the main item of them all, the sacred crown.

As stated earlier, there isn't much in terms of sound, or music for that matter. The game is only 88 Kb in size, which would seem to be the main reason. I don't believe this impacts the game, though. The controls seem a bit loose at times, especially when jumping, so there may be the odd time when you overjump a platform. This takes some getting used to, but it shouldn't take too long.

Still, this was a fun game and it was interesting to see a game called Captain Comic. See if you can lead him on a successful mission for the planet Omsoc! Let's hear it for Planet Omsoc, no? Well, just play the game then.

You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi. Your task will not be easy, you will need to gather tools to increase your fighting and defensive capability, navigate dangerous terrain, and avoid or destroy a horde of deadly creatures. It will take all of the captain's skill and wit to see the treasures returned to Omsoc.

Some may attack me for this review, but I never found anything interesting in this below average platform-jumping arcade game. It features Captain Comic, a "superhero" in search for three stolen items on a far away place. All you will be doing is walking, jumping, avoiding or killing various enemies and so on until you finally find those items.

Although there are literally hundreds of similar games that I do like, this one simply lacks something to make it fun. Say what you want, but I really think this is a bad product.

Captain Comic and its sequel are competent shareware platformers in an era where the shareware scene was dominated by Apogee and Epic Megagames (and still is, to a lesser extent). The best things about the game is the huge non-linear playfield which is divided into several different terrains. As Captain Comic, galactic hero, you jump from platform to platform and collect all kinds of bunos treat. Your only weapon is your blaster, which can fire a varying number of shots depending on how many blastola colas you've collected. Other items you can find include the pickaxe, jet pack, magic wand and other little trinkets. The graphics are EGA only and not as detailed as Apogee's platformers, but they are more than sufficient. There is also an element of puzzle-solving (e.g. finding this or that treasure, exit to the next level, etc.) thrown into the mix to make the game more challenging. Overall, both games above-average platformers that action fans should take a look, although they are far from being comparable to Apogee's classics in breadth or depth.

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