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Alien Syndrome is a scrolling shooter arcade conversion.

Your job is to run around and rescue all the captives and make it to the escape hatch before the time bomb explodes. Then face the mother alien at the end of the level.

You can play as a single player or two people, taking turns. (Player 2 starts the game after Player 1 dies and vice versa.)

Alien Syndrome is a typical topdown action game, where the mission is to kill the nasty aliens and save your crewmembers, before killing the boss. All before the time runs out and your ship explodes in space.

You play as either a guy or a girl, and you start off with a simple gun. Along the way you will find compartments filled with goodies and map centrals (usually next to each other) to help you get better weapons, and to see where you should go to save your team-members. Just walk up to these consoles and you'll get access immediately. I haven't been able to figure out if the different weapons do different amounts of damage, as most things die after a single shot. But I know that the little robot that you can get is very useful for keeping your back cleared of aliens.

The only thing I find negative about this game is that you have to almost be at the edge of the screen for the screen to move around. It is extremely easy to walk into an alien and die as a result from this. The rest of the game is top-notch for its time.

Made in 1989, it is really good looking for its age and plays really well.

A decent PC conversion of hit arcade game by SEGA, Alien Syndrome is an addictive top-down action blast. Like the arcade game, there is a two player option, which has the obvious advantage of doubled killing power, but you have to be very wary, because letting rips with fatal weapons rubs out your partner with just as much efficiency as it does the mutants. Scattered around the playing area, behind special panels, are weapons galore; a flame thrower, a bomb launcher, a lazer, a fireball flinger, and the inspiringly named 'options' which tag onto you and guard your behind, firing when you do. Only one weapon and two options can be held at a time, which is annoying.

There are loads of scientists scattered around the first level (shown on the score panel as companions); find ten and you can progress to the next level (leaving the rest behind to a slow sticky death - sick!). Here the scientists become harder to find, and the aliens are slightly more bent on killing you! The exit from this level leads into another room in which floats a vile and vast mega-monster who does his very best to wipe you all over the floor. These fairly disgusting entities are portrayed beautifully with liberal use of colour and pretty animation, something which is missing from the main part of the game where the figures are tiny, and the quarter scrolling (where the screen only moves when you get close to the edge) can create problems when you're dangerously close to hundreds of mutants just off screen!

Despite the several quite minor problems already mentioned, Alien Syndrome is a wonderful romp through some great carnage. This romp is made far more enjoyable by the two player option, although it would have been nice if the two players were impervious to each other's fire. It does make the game more challenging, though.

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