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Ambush in Sector 9 is a great "retro" style shooter from Pug Fugly Games, programmed in Game Maker. Although the game is rather short, you will be having a lot of fun with blasting various spaceships while it lasts, and the game is good enough to revisit time and again. Darthlupi's excellent review on says it sall:

"Do you remember the classics? The games that kept you popping quarters into those arcade machines to see if you can get just a weeee bit more than that one guy who some how got 1,000,001 points? This is one those quarter swallowing devils. You are a space pilot in the middle of the void just a cruising along, and next thing you know BAM! AMBUSH!

You control your ship with the arrow keys to move around the level, and you use the 1 and 2 keys to rotate your ship. This gives the shooting action a level of control that the old school shooter seldom did. Similar to Time Pilot the enemy attacks from all directions in increasing larger harder to stop waves. The ship is constantly firing which allows you just concentrate on your firing. How do you survive through the ambush? Well, don't. How do you get stand a chance of lasting more than five seconds? POWER UPS! This game has some of the coolest power ups that I have seen in a while. They range for a laser cannon that aims for you to a spreading weapon that circles and swirls across the screen. There are so many little weapons to get that you find yourself giggling in evil glee when you see your fave power up bounce across the screen. The game play is smooth as buttery silk, and I can tell that I will be playing this one from time to time.

Fun. This game is fun. I love it. I want to play it more, but I fear that my boss will come in my office and call me a kid for playing video games. A windowed mode would rock. HINT HINT. Any way, this game is stellar. Very pretty little graphics, and simple controls. The fact that the ship is always shooting take away one of the worries of controlling the ship, and it allows you to just kill or be killed. The action is so fast paced that it'll leave your palms sweating for one more go. The presentation is perfect to me. If this was more than a quick arcade romp I would give a full ten! Too much fun."


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