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This game is a windows clone based on the old game Arkanoid. Due to the newness of this clone, the graphics are quite stunning and requires a fairly decent machine, but there is also an option to change the detail so that the older machines can handle it, too. So, what is the aim of this game, you may ask? The aim is the same as any other arkanoid, simply deflect the ball into the bricks, earning powerups as you go along to build up your paddle's ability. Clear all the bricks off the screen, and advance to the next level. Once you reach the last level, you will face your final enemy. Want to find out what that is? Download this great clone, and bounce that ball away!

It's the most professional looking homegrown game I've seen in a while. The idea is a classic - everyone knows Arkanoid I guess. However... I failed to see REAL innovations in this version. A slight one was the acceleration of your vehicle making the game slightly more difficult than the original. The graphics are also greatly improved. Apart from that you got the usual powerups (or "powerdowns" in some cases) with the "whacked" effect being something that will make you go "huh?!" for sure (the ball will forget about physics and do some random movements).

If you know Arkanoid you know this one. However Arkannoyed is written to be played under Windows (95/98 and similar). This also somewhat explains the hefty download - but still 9MB are a LOT thinking of the fact that the original Arkanoid was below 100kb. In a professional production this would have been a reason for me to reduce the rating - as it isn't... I won't. Further the game could have scored easily in the atmosphere category yet fails to do so as it doesn't have ANY sound. Not even a *tock* *tock* when the ball hits something. The graphics promise a lot but this is a good example of a game that almost screams "give me background music!" - maybe in a next version...?

Overall I would only recommend people downloading this game in case they have a good connection or are extreme graphics fetishists - people on 56k (or below) should better take the original Arkanoid. From today's point of view at gaming aspects this one might have slight advantages - however it's also more than 100 times as big (!!!) - your decision. If download speed isn't an issue though get it - if you want a good Arkanoid clone for windows you won't be disappointed, because that's what it is.

Arkanoid is a game in which you have about 50 bricks or something. You are an object that bounces a ball against those bricks. If the ball hits one of the bricks, the brick "disappears" or in some clones, they explode. Beware, if you miss the ball, it will fall into a gap and you will lose one life. In some clones, it could happen that a powerup or bonus thing falls out of some of the bricks if you hit them.

Well, this game is almost the same idea. Sometimes a clown's head flies over and you can hit that head with the ball. It will give some blood, but it's not really the most extreme feature I've ever seen. To be honest, I think even a kid won't like it. But the idea is pretty good. It has over 30 levels and even an end boss and an ending sequence. Well, that's what the owner told me. I'm not really that enthousiastic about this game that I want to play for more than 5 scenarios.

There is no sound with this game and the graphics are fine. The gameplay is good, but your object just moves a little too slow to catch all the balls. The addiction level is low, I won't say it's not applicable, but it's very low. I think only few people will feel him or herself challenged to play until the ending sequence. Maybe a kid by the age of 10 will feel himself really challenged.

All by all, I'm not really impressed. I like the idea, but playing the game just doesn't give me a kick or anything and I think I need that when I play a game.

Arkannoyed is a new version of the classic game Arkanoid. The gameplay is exactly the same although a few things have been implemented and where the biggest difference is that your spaceship now accelerates. This makes the game a bit more difficult more you quickly get used to this.

What the developer has really had in focus is the graphics and they are indeed superb and make the game very smooth. This focus has sadly affected the actual gameplay as the ball can sometimes change direction without any real reason and unlike the original Arkanoid game there is sometimes where you simply can't manage to reach the ball which I think any player find annoying as it doesn't make sense to make something that is impossible to do.

While the graphics are impressive there isn't any sound at all. I'm not really sure why this is but it is sad indeed as the game looses a lot of feel and it makes the game a bit dull without any background music or sound effects at all. If you are looking for an Arkanoid clone with great graphics this is a game for you though but if you just want to play a game like the original version I would recommend that you find another Arkanoid clone.


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