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Brutal - Paws of Fury was a Mortal Kombat clone made by Gametek in 1995. This is a 2000 Windows remake made by a fan of the game. Easily as good as MK, it serves up a good amount of difficulty and fun.

The Dali Llama has organized a fighting school. You must work your way through the ranks, eventually fighting the Dali Llama himself.

There are many different fighters to choose from, all animals, giving the game a cutesy feeling. MK, eat your heart out. There should not be any problem choosing your favorite animal to fight with. You have choices ranging from hares to lions, foxes, and even roosters.

The graphics in the game are amazing, creating a perfect cartoonish feel to the game. Each character stands upright and has his own fighting style, each very funny to watch. After every battle, your character will learn a new special move that will make gameplay a little easier. The character has six main attacks and a few special moves. Fortunately, these moves are not hard to pull off.

Gameplay is action-packed and fast-paced, making it sometimes a little hard to keep up with the opposing character.

Music is good, but kind of average for the genre. Definitely a game worth checking out!

Important! When prompted for changing to 640x480 resolution, be sure you press the Right key. If you press any other, the game will exit. Beta 2 update features some new moves and special effects.

Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix is an outstanding fanmade remake/update of GameTek's excellent fighting game of the same name. Coded with Elecbyte's excellent MUGEN engine, the game takes the best elements of all versions of GameTek's original classic, and adds many new features that make the great game even better.

The character sprites were taken from Super Nintendo version of the original game, so the game looks and plays in a way that will be familiar to every Brutal fan. The list of new features is long. In addition to the usual options for one and two players, there is now a special Team Mode that lets you fight two-on-one or two-on-two at the same time - something that is not commonly seen even in arcade games. You can also use the Training Mode and Watch Mode to learn and practice the moves. In addition to the wide variety of attacks and special moves in the original game, this Remix version gives you Super Moves: secret techniques you can use in extreme situations. Another new move you can pull is the "Custom Counter", which is used to counter any attack. The game also adds the ability to taunt your opponents, dizzy states, and plenty of graphic enhancements such as new hitsparks and life bars. Doubtless one of the best, if not THE best, games ever made with MUGEN, Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix is a must-play for every fighting fan.


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