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Playing Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters, a solid game starring that rascally rabbit and the whirling dervish, with appearances by other notables like Daffy Duck (who never gets top billing), is like starring in your own Looney Toons cartoon. The game is divided into four time eras, with each a combination of traditional hack-and-slash gameplay and problem solving puzzles.

The characters move fluidly in the 3D environment, with appropriate personality quirks built in. For example, leave Bugs standing still for too long and he'll scratch his behind in a fairly flippant manner. Other "cartoon physics" are evident as well, such as a character falling from a great height -- no death, of course, but he will walk around squashed like a pancake for a few seconds.

In many of the games, the skills of Bugs and Taz must be combined to complete a task. One level requires Bugs to knock monkeys out of palm trees, while Taz picks them up and throws them on a platform. In fact, two players can work together in cooperative mode to control the pair, making gameplay easier in some cases.

Originally released for the PlayStation, game controls are awkward for a PC keyboard. Additionally, the multitude of general and character-specific skills is somewhat daunting, and may be a bit too complex for the target audience of pre-teen cartoon watchers. Control options can be modified at the start of the game. After working through an extensive learning curve, most players will likely find the game worthwhile and enjoyable.

Graphics: The characters' personalities (both heroes and villains) more than compensate for their somewhat blocky-looking appearance. 3D environments are multi-tiered, and characters interact in many different ways.

Sound: Wisecracks from characters and the "sproings" and "thunks" of cartoon violence add substance to the game.

Enjoyment: The game requires problem solving, teamwork, and the finesse to clobber your enemies. Quite enjoyable once the learning curve is behind you.

Replay Value: Consider it more extended play than replay, as you re-do levels to make sure all the special items have been picked up. The levels are large, and once an era has been completed, it doesn't during a replay.

Bugs Bunny & Taz: Timebusters is arcade/adventure game for kids from Infogrames. The game features experience original gameplay that let's you continuously switch between Bugs Bunny and Taz, the two most popular Looney Tunes characters in the world, face off against classic Looney Tunes adversaries like Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Babba Chop and Count Bloodcount. In the game you can explore 4 exciting new time periods- The Aztec Era, The Viking Era, The Arabian Nights and Transylvania. Bugs Bunny & Taz Timebusters includes over 30 levels of sporting contests, quests, boss encounters and dare devil chases and one or two player co-operative adventure. The gameplay isn't bad (for kids), only crude 3D graphics/camera craziness a bit sucks.


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