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Are you craving one of those games that are as mindless as the character you play that lets you blow up every dang blasted thing in sight? Do you want one of those games that is jam-packed with all sorts of violence, gore and killing mayhem? If so, Crusader: No Remorse is right up your alley! And if you're not looking for one of these games, you may as well stop reading this review right now.

Unlike the majority of PC action shooters of today, Crusader: No Remorse is played from a three-quarter isometric viewpoint. From this viewpoint, you must cripple and destroy the World Economic Consortium from their tyrannical ways. The irony is that you used to work for this company and have decided to join a rebel group who's out to stop them.

To carryout your mission, you will have to infiltrate their headquarters and complete various tasks to progress from level to level. The term "mission" is used lightly here because on every level, you basically just blow everything up and kill everything in sight. Sure you may have to find a keycard here and there or flip a switch -- big deal.

This game is about one thing and one thing only -- mindless action through huge explosions and lots of killing. And in this aspect, Crusader: No Remorse succeeds. Every single box, crate and just about anything you see can be blown up with your heavy arsenal of weapons. The good news is that this game is absolutely gorgeous looking and you never really get tired of blowing up stuff. It's equally fun to take out your resistance. You can shoot enemies in their legs and watch them cripple and fall to the ground or you can go for an all out assault, which leaves them severely bloody and quite dead. What about the weapons you ask? How do machine guns, hand cannons and bazooka like weapons sound to you?

Crusader: No Remorse is not perfect and it has it's share of problems. The main thing you can fault this game for is the iffy controls. Sometimes your character will hop around the screen for no reason instead of walking. The collision detection is questionable at times and you'll get stuck on things that you can't even see. There is also some movie sequences that try to give you a sense of story in this game. Unfortunately, these sequences are pretty poor not only in quality but in the lame voice acting and actors.

But these problems can be looked aside as Crusader: No Remorse is a downright fun action game. Everything blows up nicely and it's a little TOO fun to kill your enemies over and over again. This game is for the action enthusiast only. And if you don't fall into that category of gamer, you should probably stay far, far away from this game.

Graphics: Everything looks great thanks to the SVGA graphics. They allow for big, dumb (in a good way) explosions and excessive gore. Good stuff! Unfortunately, the movie sequences leave little to be desired and look pretty poor.

Sound: The explosion and weapon effects sound pretty good although they don't sound all that original.

Enjoyment: Crusader -- No Remorse is a blast to play. Its enjoyment consists of a combination between blowing up every single thing in sight to killing everything in site. Its pure, mindless action at it's finest!

Replay Value: There isn't too much reason to play this game again once you finish it...unless you're itching to go blow some more stuff up.

You are a silencer, the elite of the elite soldiers of World Economic Consortium. You are used to orders of hunting down the Resistance, a ragtag band of rebels committing sabotage and other acts of terrorism against the WEC, but slowly, you realized the WEC is not quite what it appears to be... then one day you and two other Silencers, your best buddies, were ambushed by a WEC mech patrol when it was supposed to be a routine mission. You alone survived. It is clear that the Silencer is being silenced... and the only place to turn is the Resistance... Crusader: No Remorse is the first in the series, which is best described as a 2D isometric shooter. Your silencer can roll left, roll right, kneel, jump, run, and perform other acrobatic moves. You get plenty of different weapons, from assault rifles and shotguns to grenade launchers and lasers, to really exotic weapons like microwave cannon, EMP discharger, and even plasma cannons. You're up against the full military might of the WEC, from simple guards to full-fledged Guardmechs and elite forces (though none are quite as good as you). You can find supplies and money off of killed enemies (if you left a body, that is, and some of the extreme weapons don't). You'll often need to bypass traps, open doors, disable alarms, take out security cameras, and more. The action is intense, and there's usually a bit of puzzle involved. It's often a matter of exploring the map to find a switch or a terminal with the code that'll let you access another part or another level of the map. Between missions you can chat in the Resistance base and/or buy/sell weapons. You can also find recharge stations to replenish your energy and health (you can also find batteries and first aid kits too). The missions range from simple sabotage to rescue.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (354 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (505 MB).


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