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Ported from PlayStation, Destruction Derby offers PC gamers four different ways to smash and crash cars, including "Wrecking Racing," "Stock Car Racing," "Destruction Derby," and "Time Trial" modes. The "Wrecking" and "Stock" racing leagues are structured into four divisions where 16 cars battle it out over narrow stretched raceways hoping to either cross the finish line first or score the most points by spinning out or disabling other vehicles. There are six different raceways to conquer, and as the action gets heavy, gamers can witness cars get dented, lose parts, and eventually suffer complete breakdowns.

You probably feel like a crash test dummy when you're playing this game - it's not only a racing game, but you get points for wrecking your enemies! The amount of points you get depends on how you hit them ... e.g. you get more points for getting them do a 360 other than driving into theirs sides at high speed. The game has more to offer: a head to head mode with only two cars or the legendary destruction derby itself - a huge arena, every car starts at the edge of it, and then - have a nice crash!

It's one hell of a good idea, this game! You might have seen a destruction derby or a destruction race in your life, but to the ones who haven't, I'll explain the idea.

There are a few ways of driving, but the most obvious differences is "bowl driving" and "track driving", track driving is just riding down a small track and bowl driving is one big circle with the border as its only boundary.

Destruction driving, as the name will tell, has few rules. You can drive against time, against players or against destruction. Destruction is most fun, it means you will be driving down the track or in the bowl and the only thing that really counts is earning as many points as you can by crashing other players' cars and keeping your car from destruction. At the track there's also a lap limit, so points and place will decide who has won the race.

It's fun to play and the commentary gives it the extra kick. The commentary reminds me a bit of Monstertruck Madness, however, this is an all different type of game though... I recommend this one, especially if you've never played it!

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