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The lovely Marian was rescued from the clutches of the Black Warriors gang by Billy & Jimmy Lee in the first Double Dragon game, but now the gang has killed her in retaliation of their early defeat. The Dragons must now embark on a mission to avenge her death and defeat the Black Warriors for the second and final time.

The original arcade version of "Double Dragon II" was essentially an improved version of the first game. In addition to offering renewed audio and visuals, as well as new traps, moves and enemy characters, "Double Dragon II" discarded the conventional punch and kick buttons in favor of a direction-oriented attacking system similar to the original Technos beat-em-up Renegade.

The NES version offered new stages, new moves and illustrated cut-scenes, as well as a new final boss and a new ending. Unlike the first NES game, it offered 2-Player Co-Op gameplay with the option to turn off the friendly fire.

The Game Boy version of "Double Dragon II" is an English localization of a "Kunio-kun" game (the Japanese franchise which inspired "Renegade" and "River City Ransom" and has nothing to do with the arcade and NES versions.

We were already hosting parts I and III of this series, so I thought we should have this, the second part, too.

First off let me just tell you that this game supports a two-player mode (although it seems a very strange way to activate it). If you want to play in the two-player mode you need to select the Joystick as your input device. In this case one player will play on the left side of the keyboard and the other player with the numeric keys. The keyboard keys are Q, W, E, A, D, Z, X, C for moving and either S or Space for attacking. The joystick keys (I know it sounds like an oxymoron) are the numeric keys 7, 8, 9, 4, 6, 1, 2, 3 to move and either Enter or 5 to hit. Why this is so I haven't a clue, but that's how this game works.

The moves you can perform are quite basic (punching or hitting with the elbow, jumping, etc). You need to kick the crap out of everybody that moves, except your partner if playing in two-player mode. Yes - you can hurt each other.

The graphics are made well enough; I'd even say they are really good for 1989, but the sound (what little there is) is simply horrid. The game itself is very hard! It's really difficult to beat the baddies up - luckily, however, you can get some weapons (my favorite is the shovel) to help you on the way. Unfortunately the opponents will gang up on you, and as soon as you're hit you'll let go of the weapon. This makes it much harder, and the need for a partner is evident (so go find a friend to help you out).

As for the story... well, it's really weak. You need to avenge the girl who's been killed. Thus the subtitle The Revenge.

Each player has 3 lives and if one player dies the other simply continues alone. So in the spirit of teamwork you might consider getting killed if that means that your partner would preserve enough energy and lives to finish the game (but you'll probably want to be the guy for whom the other sucker sacrifices his life, of course.)

All in all this game doesn't deserve more than 3 out of 5. The graphics are nice, but the sound isn't. The gameplay is repetitive, but the game is challenging. You can play with a friend (which is always a plus in my book). And last, if it weren't for this game they never would have made Double Dragon III (in my opinion the best game of the series).

Part of the Double Dragon Series

In this sequel you up against more enemies and stuff. It's good that you still can sweep the with a whip or baseball bet. This games varies not a bunch with the first one actually. It's nice there is still a two player mode. The first one I really enjoyed together with my brother.

After Arcadia did a dismal PC conversion of Technos' arcade blockbuster Double Dragon, Technos USA wisely decided to choose a different company to do a PC conversion of the second game, Double Dragon II: The Revenge. The result is a much better and more faithful conversion that is fun to play, although still not the definitive version.

In this sequel, Billy and Jimmy Lee returning to exact revenge upon the killers of Billy's girlfriend, Marian. The game sports better graphics, more weapons, and much smoother animations than PC version of Double Dragon. Using the grenades is especially fun, although you have to be quick since it doesn't flash before detonating ;) Inexplicably, you cannot jump or kick when holding a weapon .. maybe an oversight on Binary Design's part. The control scheme is much better than the first conversion, although it's confusing because pressing the same key will execute different moves depending on the direction you are facing.

Overall, Double Dragon II is probably the best PC conversion of all three Double Dragon games. I'd still maintain that River City Ransom is ten times better than three games combined, though, but your mileage may vary ;)

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (6.70 MB).


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