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Set in a post-apocalyptic New York, Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers trained in the fighting style of Sou-Setsu-Ken. Together, they manage a small martial arts training school, teaching their students in self-defense. One day, Billy's girlfriend, Marian, is kidnapped off the street by the "Black Warriors", a savage street gang led by a man named Willy. The Black Warriors demand the Lee brothers disclose their martial arts secrets in exchange for Marian's freedom. The Lee brothers set out on a rescue mission to crush the Black Warriors and save Marian.

Using whatever techniques they have at their disposal, from the basic punches and kicks to the invulnerable elbow strike, as well any weapon that comes into their hands, the Lee brothers must pursue the gang through the city slum, industrial area and the forest before reaching their hideout to confront the big boss, Willy.

The NES version of this game also has an additional VS. fighting mode for one or two players. Players choose from a field of six different characters (Billy and 5 of the enemy characters) and enter into a one-on-one fighting match. Players have to punch, kick, jumpkick, and even use a weapon against their opponents until someone's health bar is fully drained. The winner is the last one standing.

Back in the old days...

Little Wormpaul was sitting behind his 386, and for the first time ever he started Double Dragon up. And there it was...

Before I even noticed that the game had started, the "bad" guy had already beaten the hell out of me - but it didn't matter. This game was so great, I didn't even notice that I had played the first level over and over again.

The graphics were so awesome, every time I smacked an enemy down I started to scream, especially when I saw the big giant for the first time. Nothing could get between me and the game, and life was just so great...

Two weeks later my "big" brother decided to help me with the game. He had already finished it a few times, and together we were unstoppable. We didn't care about our enemies or our own lives - we were fighting together and that was all that mattered.

We made it to the final boss, and with extremely good teamwork, we got him! At last I could see the princess I was dreaming about all the time. But she didn't want to come to both of us, she only wanted me. Then I decided to place my fist in my brother's face, and he died. Life was just so good with me and my little princess...

I started DD1 with great memories in my mind, but from the first moment the game was really disappointing. The graphics are very boring and they used far too many similar colours. There was almost no sound; only when you hit an enemy do you hear a sample - the same one over and over - I decided to turn the sound off and run Winamp while playing.

Another problem is the movement of the players. It is really frustrating to see yourself standing next to an enemy and no matter what you are trying, you just can't hit him because he is standing too close or something. The enemy A.I. is really boring and once you know the right tricks you can beat almost all the enemies down with the same method of fighting.

I could keep on talking about all the weak points in the game (the length of the game, the enemies who all look the same, the stupid princess hanging on the wall...) But before I scare everyone off, those who have good memories of this game should give it a try. It will you take less than 30 minutes to finish the game.

For all who never heard of it before, try it once and see where Golden Axe (a great game in my opinion) got its ideas from. But don't expect too much from it.

Part of the Double Dragon Series

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