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The gameplay of Elevator is similar to that of Spy's Demise. The goal is to reach the top of the screen while collecting all the pots of gold. You start at the bottom left walking right. When you reach the right side you move one row up. Then you have to walk all the way to the left and you will go up one row again etc. You have to avoid the elevators that constantly move up and down. As the levels go up, the elevators get faster and the game gets a whole lot harder.

This game is great. By looking at the title of the name "Elevator" you can safely assume this game has an elevator in it. It sure does, in fact it's all about elevators. You are this cute little dude, who has to ride the elevators around the level and collect all the bags of gold. Once you have done that you can go onto the next level. Seems easy you say? It is no way near as easy as it seems. Timing is critical, those lifts get faster and it gets harder and harder. As with all old games the character isn't nice and responsive like they are in modern games, you need to use pure skill. One slip and 'ahhhhhhhhh' down the elevator shaft you fall. You only get so many lives, so it pays to ration them.

The graphics aren't all that bad, just what you would expect from an older game - yellow red and green gracing the screen. However, the colours do suit the simplicity of the game, and are not hard on the eyes. They are quite good.

This game is excellent. You really should give it a whirl, and see if you have the pure skill required. I really I do recommend it to all lovers of the old platform games, especially if you enjoyed Lode Runner and Jumpman!

Fun platform game, where you have to move a little man through a 'building'. It looks easy, but the levels are quite difficult.

Elevator is a fun oldie freeware gem that was a cult favorite around numerous BBS's (Bulletin Board System) in mid-1980s. Like all good action games, Elevator is easy to learn but maddeningly difficult to master. The goal is simple: collect all the pots of gold on each map, riding elevators to ledges on different levels. Timing is crucial, as one misstep means a plunge down the elevator shaft (ouch) and certain death. Similar to classic games Jumpman and Big Top, Elevator is fast, fun, simple, and devilishly addictive. Certainly one of the most overlooked BBS classics ever. Highly recommended!

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