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Endless Horror is supposed to be a "spoof" of mid-1990s fighting games like Street

Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. In reality, it is a sad attempt at a video game. The

graphics are extremely poor. The sound is bad. The action s ridiculous.

First off, Endless Horror's graphics amount to two stick figures going at it in a street

fight. The "hero" looks like the completed drawing in a child's game of Hangman. The

"villains" (called Froggers) look the same, except their torsos are gone and they have a

large green "slime tongue" with which they attack. The background scene, which consists

of an old pharmacy store front and a pair of eyes from an unseen ghoul, is awful.

Punches and kicks hardly deserve those names. A punch from the hero looks like a

toothpick moving slightly down and then back up. Add another toothpick and you've got

the game's attempt at a "flurry punch." Move the toothpicks below the hero's waist and

you've got the flurry kick. The action of this Endless Horror is non-existent. You will

always win if you press and hold the right arrow key. The only way the Froggers can kill

you is if you simply quit playing. More than likely, you will become very bored with this

game and quit.

Sound is another poor aspect of Endless Horror. The game claims to have

Soundblaster sound support, but there is no options menu to turn it on or off. Players are

stuck with PC speaker sound, and even that sound is poor. A low "tick" whenever a blow

strikes the enemy is all you can expect.

Endless Horror is an all-around failure. Some people may appreciate the game's

simplicity and may even appreciate the low-tech spoof factor, but most serious gamers

will simply toss Endless Horror aside.

Graphics: Extremely weak

Sound: Poor

Enjoyment: Little or none

Replay Value: Game quickly degenerates into boredom.

Endless Horror's modest EGA graphics and small executable size ensure that the game can be run on virtually any IBM-PC machine, regardless of age. The characters are line-based, similar to the characters in the Stick Fighter games. Unfortunately, the game offers poor character control and a seemingly endless amount of creepy enemies. However, I used to quite enjoy playing it on my IBM-PC XT-8088 a few years back. This game is worth a try if you've got an older system on hand which hasn't seen a fighting game before, or if you're a diehard collector (like myself).


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