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"Goofy" is the best word to describe Extreme Assault. You play the part of a helicopter pilot in the employ of some sort of military organization (the specifics are left to the imagination) fighting against another organization known only as "the enemy." A few missions into the story, your commander informs you that he suspects the enemies are aliens, again without much explanation.

Whatever planet these "aliens" are from, their public school system and military training apparatus must be in bad shape, because the fighting forces they've sent to conquer Earth are none too bright. There is one mission early on, for example, in which you are charged with the task of preventing an enemy convoy from reaching a town on a hill in the distance. The convoy, composed of several lines of tanks and trucks, embarks in an orderly, row by row formation. As you approach it, the back line of tanks take a few token shots at you, but never move out of turn and, thus, can't or won't offer up much resistance. It's the norm of enemy behavior and it quickly becomes boring.

To add insult to injury, the game is over very quickly. Some of the missions are laughably short and involve, for instance, nothing more than a flight through a single tunnel, minimally defended by the aliens. From beginning to end, even novices will likely complete the game in a few hours.

Hanging over the entire affair is the peripheral goofiness, the kind typified by the various radio communications from your commander. At the beginning of each new section, he gives a briefing and says things like "We believe this place is a damn work camp," "This whole thing was a damn setup," or, "Find their stinking hole in the ground and smoke the bastards out." All of which sounds like a script, written by a seven-year old who learned to swear phonetically from old war movies.

In the same vein, if you chose to play on the easy setting at the end of the second area, the following appears on the screen before you: "Hey, dude, that wasn't bad for a start, but you've run out of possibilities on the easy level." This effectively annihilates any suspension of disbelief. Even the title is misleading. The words, "extreme assault," sound as if the original intent was to make a commercial for a certain "intense" soda brand, and the only reason this is a helicopter simulation is that laser cannons can't be mounted on snowboards.

Two positive aspects are the relative ease of flying the helicopter and some of the maps. Regarding the former, it's nice to have such a simple method of controlling the craft (the joystick and keyboard combination works well) so that you can jump right into the action. The maps, especially in the opening sections, are very well laid out and help you accomplish missions such as rescuing the inhabitants of a besieged village.

Balanced against the sort of confused, unfocused nature of the rest of the game, though, these positives don't amount to much in the long term. Anyone looking for a serious shooter, though, is advised to pass over Extreme Assault.

Graphics: "Ho-hum" graphics, featuring nothing new or remarkable to separate this title from mediocrity.

Sound: Average "stuff-blowing up" noises.

Enjoyment: The plot is silly, the enemies are stupid, and the game is too short.

Replay Value: Not enough in the way of gameplay to warrant extended playing time.

Extreme Assault is an arcade shooting game in which the player takes control of two different vehicles: a fictional Sioux AH-23 Attack Helicopter and a T1 assault tank. Using these vehicles the player must fight alien forces who have set up secret operations on Earth.

Players can blast their way through completely 3D environments through various different missions. There's little story, but lots of action. The player can blow up pretty much anything. There's multiple difficulty levels and the player can select between multiple camera angles to behold the carnage.

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