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Blood, a first person shooter using the Duke Nukem 3D engine, lets you take on legions of the living dead. As Caleb, resurrected worshipper of a dark god, you must seek revenge by battling through multiple levels of carnage until face-to-face with the avatar. Zombies, evil monks, mutants, hellhounds, and even scarier nasties await players in haunted towns, castles, dungeons, and other scary places lifted straight from horror movies.

A wide assortment of weaponry is available to dispatch the monsters, including a shotgun, dynamite, a voodoo doll, a rocket launcher, a pitchfork, deadlier arms, and Caleb's sarcastic comments, which should appeal to people with a dark sense of humor. Multiplayer support for modem connections and networks allows players to enjoy extra deathmatch levels for racking up the most kills.

Caleb was once a feared gunslinger, until he met a woman who was involved with a mysterious cult known as Cabal. Caleb, too, is sucked in, and soon becomes one of the Chosen - the most favored worshippers of the evil god Tchernobog. But one day, Tchernobog inexplicably kills the four Chosen, including Caleb. Mysteriously resurrected years later, Caleb is out to get revenge, and learn why his lord cast him down so abruptly.

Blood is a first-person shooter with horror elements, which uses the Build engine. Similarly to Duke Nukem 3D, the environment is interactive: many objects can be physically moved or affected in other ways. Destruction of landscapes is possible (although only in specific spots), with bullet holes being left by misplaced shots. The Build engine version is 2.5D, so there are rooms above rooms and puzzles which are based on this.

I have to tell you that I had never played Blood 3D before I decided to review it for our site. Also, I have to admit that I am not a fan of "shoot-'em-ups", as I only find them challenging the first time I play them. After that I lose interest in them completely! (Played one, played them all...)

However, Blood is different! I completely love this game!

You play the role of Caleb, a vampire with an attitude problem who has just been resurrected. In order to stay alive you will have to battle diverse monsters, such as axe-wielding zombies and ghosts armed with machine guns, and eat their hearts in order to gain more life.

The graphics in the game are truly magnificent for the time (look at the details in the scenery), and the music enhances the feeling of the game: dark, ominous and freaky. Add to this extremely violent weaponry (like twin rocket launchers!), challenging maps and plenty of secrets to be discovered, and you have the ingredients for a great 3D shooter. However, a true legend needs something more to add flavour. Blood, like Duke Nukem 3D, uses cheesy catchphrases to achieve this. And believe me, it works!

If you like games whose only rule is to cause the most mayhem while you laugh out loud like a complete lunatic (both in the game and while playing it), then look no further! This is the game for you! Gore galore at its best!

Blood is the goriest first person shooter game ever made up for the gaming world. You are a gunslinger attempting to help save a woman life that has been destroyed by a mysterious Cabal. In the process you are as well killed and then resurrected. When you a resurrected you are out for revenge on this mysterious Cabal. This game was released in the year of 1997 by GT Interactive Software Corp. For the time that the game was released, it was a very unexpected and welcomed change to the gaming history.

When people are taken out they explode violently, making body parts of the zombie's become weapons. For example you could use a zombie's head like a football. Victims can be found throughout the game lying around after being impaled, and there are many different ways of death just depends on the way they are attacked and where on their body.

You'll battle cultists, gargoyles, zombies, hellhounds, and an unholy host of other terrors in your quest to stop Tchernobog. In turn though you must not only defeat the Cabal--you must scour its dread name from human memory. If that means eradicating everyone and everything the Cabal has ever tainted, so be it. You'll first have to travel through many different places ranging from fortresses to mansions and estates guarded by Tchernobog's servants.

The game has a fully interactive environment, which includes moving floors and running vehicles. You are capable of destructing the landscape and leaving bullet holes for shots you missed. Blood is a game that offers amazing multiplayer game play; tons of weapons to select from, unparallel single player game play, and the visual effects are to die for. This game is as good in single player as it is in multiplayer. No matter what you'll be having a blast blasting this away. If there were any flaws in this game you would not even see them because you'll be easily swept away when your guns start shooting and the bodies start falling around you. This game is definitely a game you will want to have on your PC. If you like bloody shooting games, you'll love this one.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (345 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (500 MB).


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