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Genocide brings the concept of Scorched Earth to 3D. Up to four tanks, controlled by either humans or computer players of varying skill, are placed into a randomly generated landscape, ranging from desert islands to rainforests to a cratered moon surface to abstract shapes based on mathematical formulas. Then, those tanks start opening fire on each other. There is a great variety of ammunition, shell casings and tank equipment. From plain tungsten shells in impact casing to napalm in heat-seeking casing to photon bombs in cruise missile casing, the possibilities are endless. You can even launch a satellite into the sky and have it fire at enemy tanks. Getting used to three dimensions might take some time for people used to 2D tank games, but once you finally manage to make the transition, Genocide really shines.

Genocide is a turn-based Scorched Earth style artillery game in 3D where you are fighting against others using your artillery. You choose a weapon, the bearing, power and height of your shot and fire. The last player alive wins.

The 3D grid landscape is viewable from various angles, easily controlled by the camera controls.

Genocide is a fun freeware artillery game from PyroSoft that has SVGA graphics and great sound effects (EMS memory required). Although there are numerous artillery games on the Internet, Genocide is undoubtedly one of the better ones I have seen. In contrast to many other flashy remakes, Genocide not only retains all the fun of an artillery game, but also adds an extra challenge: the third dimension you must deal with. Not only do you have to figure out how far and how high to fire, but you also have to figure out the bearing of your shots. The graphics and user interface are both up to snuff - you can view the isometric playing field from any angle, including directly overhead, and SVGA resolution makes it easy to see different terrain elevations. Weapons also have nice effects and appropriately big explosions. All in all, a very nice game that's not a fully textured Scorched Earth 3D, but it's got a third dimension that adds plenty of new challenges nonetheless.

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