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Hercules is aiming to achieve immortality by completing the task the Gods have set him. His task is presented as a platform adventure set in ancient Greece, featuring a variety of enemies as you play it through. Of more significance, however, is the game's Artificial Intelligence system, in which creatures monitor how you play, and try to find safer positions. Also, the game offers more bonuses and power-ups if you're struggling to progress. Even without those, there are lots of bonus sections to find and unlock.

When a game is called Gods, you directly think that this game must have been made by Peter Molyneux and his crew. This man has made so many good games where you played a god; sometimes people think that he is god himself. He just wanted to show the world how it is to be someone like him - always lonely but controlling all what lives in the world. A dream for us, but a nightmare for those who really are...

But back to the reality, Gods isn't a game from Peter Molyneux, it is just a very good platform game where you play a hero with a strange mask on his face.

In the whole game there is no storyline so I find it unclear why they chose to call the game Gods. It would be more logical if they called the game "The man with the iron mask". But enough nonsense for now, let's take a good look at the game.

The first impressions of the graphics are amazing! The overall looks of the game are beautiful, the character animation is excellent and the graphics stay great throughout the game. Every big stage (4 in total) has its own unique feeling and characters involved in it. The only small point of critic is that our hero moves like a duck. He doesn't run properly and when he jumps, it looks as if he's in serious need of taking a dump.

The sound in the game is also very good. Every action, like picking something up, a coin falling down on the floor, or shooting an enemy down, will produce its own unique sound. This gives the whole game an extra good feeling, as you're fighting in a world that really lives and you can trust your ears when you hear something approaching.

The most important thing of all games is still: Gameplay. In Gods, it is really various and combines different styles into 1 game. Most of the time it's a real action game; you simply must kill a lot of enemies on your way to the end of the level. But it's not action all the way! Sometimes you will need to find keys and buttons to open doors to other stages. There are also a few puzzles in the game, where you need to combine things to get the right keys. This is not very difficult, but it keeps you sharp all the time and makes the gameplay various.

Gods doesn't have a save option in the game, so when you start a world you need to finish it. This isn't as difficult as it sounds, but can be really frustrating for first time players. I think that a save option should have been implemented after each world. People can get pretty mad when they finally make it to the level boss (which fills up the whole screen and looks awesome) only to die in a matter of seconds and having to replay the whole stage afterwards. But don't let it scare you too much. The game isn't too difficult (only 1 difficult level), so with a bit of practice and patience, you will be able to finish levels in a much shorter period than when you initially started.

When I decided to give Gods a rating I just kept thinking of POP (Price of Persia-Sands of time). That game looked very good, it had nice sounds and it was generally a nice platform based action. But just like Gods, POP also missed something special. (Notice that in both games you can't choose your difficulty level)

In the end, I decided to give the game a 4 because I think it missed the special identity needed to become a real classic. However, it's still an extremely good game and all action/platform gamers should play it! As for players who never played POP, go try Gods and see if you like these types of games.

A great conversion of Bitmap Brother's Amiga classic, Gods is a very stylish platform game that is famous for offering many nice twists and ideas, including puzzles, adventure-game style inventory, and a lot of cool power-ups and weapons. For sure one of the best games in its genre. The only things missing from the Amiga game are the cool background Copper effects, sadly some of the atmospheric sound effects. The smooth-as-silk scrolling of the Amiga version is also missing, although the scrolling looks okay for PC standards of that time. Given the awful music of most Amiga-to-PC conversions, I was pleasantly surprised that the very cool title music by Nation XII (John Foxx) made it to the PC - a decent FM-sample mix version.

Overall, Gods remains even today one of the best platform games ever made. Bitmap Brothers' magnum opus combines great action, innovative inventory management, many cool weapons and power-ups, devious level design, and even a novel mythological setting, into a game that has the rare, almost mystical ability to immerse the player in its world. If you've never played Gods, don't call yourself an action fan :)

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