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In Gunmetal, a first-person flight combat shooter from Mad Genius, you control a Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV), a hovercraft assault tank, for the Nataka Imperial Armored Cavalry through 26-levels in an attempt to keep the human race from being exterminated. Set in 2219, the futuristic sci-fi action lets you configure your ship's speed and maneuverability in campaign mode or multiplayer deathmatch, as you react to the unprovoked attack of Argus Industrial Corporation forces.

As the game begins, you are a proud new tank pilot for the Nataka Corporation's Imperial Armored Cavalry. A Nataka installation is suddenly attacked by forces from Network 53, a branch of the Argus Industrial Corporation and a long-standing ally. No explanation is given and a full-scale war erupts. All lines of communication are severed and the highest management of the Argus Industrial companies disappear. Negotiation is impossible.A fast, fluid first-person shooter with MechWarrior-style ability to equip your RPV to suit different missions instead of relying on weapons found on your path.

Gunmetal is a decent first-person action game, similar to MechWarrior 2 in style except much simpler and not as much fun. The plot: it's 2219 AD, and your job as a pilot in the Nataka Imperial Armored Cavalry is to accomplish various missions, ranging from rescuing corporate bigshots, defusing nuclear warheads, teleport a battle cruiser into the heart of a sun, and - of course - save humanity from certain extinction.

What sets Gunmetal apart from mundane action games is the fact that you can customize the assault vehicle to suit your playing style: fast and light, slow and tough, or anywhere in between. The campaign mode has 26 missions of various objectives and terrain types. You can also play other players in a deathmatch mode, although the maps are nowhere near as interesting as modern FPS such as Unreal Tournament. The game is reasonably fun, although it is still very simplistic compared to classics in the genre (Assault Rigs and Terra Nova come to mind). If you want an easy-to-pick-up action fest that will last more than a few hours, offering a good variety of missions and smooth graphics, check out this marginally above average game.

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