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Top-down arcade shooter. You are in a powerful car in which you must travel the roads and shoot your enemies. There are many upgrades for you to find to help make you stronger and fire more powerful shots.

Five years earlier Axis of Allied Nations gained control over Earth. They immediately placed up terraformers to make life more hospitable for themselves. The downside? It is killing the human race. You were once a rebel, but you got caught and has been used as an engineer to build a new weapon for the aliens. The MASTER (Multi-Attack Super Turbo Energy Ranger). One day when oppurtunity strikes, you steal the MASTER and escape. Now it is time to do some serious payback.

Highway Hunter was produced by Safari Software in 1995, the company that later created Tyrian, and Highway Hunter is just as enjoyable and addictive as Tyrian is. The gameplay is quite simillar to other space shooters, you kill everything you can see and pick up powerups along the way, then you kill a big boss at the end of each level. The thing that sets it apart, however, is that you are operating a car and thus are confined to driving on the road. Which means that you don't have as much room to avoid enemies as you have in other games.

I think that the whole game is really well done. It has excellent music, really nice design and sprites, and plays very smoothly. The 15 levels are all designed with a good balance. Not too hard, and not too easy. However, the game is lacking that certain something to reach the full 5-point mark. It just fades into the row of other space shooters, with little (apart from driving instead of flying) to set them apart. Also, I think there should be more powerups, like guns that spread out your gunfire over a bigger area.

But all in all, this game is excellent!

The spiritual precursor to Safari's more famous shooter Tyrian, Highway Hunter is an addictive, knuckle-blistering shooter that puts you in control of an armed-to-the-hilt car instead of the more common spaceship. The gameplay is straightforward shooting mayhem: kill everything in sight and collect power-ups to prepare for the end-level boss. A wide variety of power-ups, enemies, and levels makes this a must-play for all shooter fans.

It is sort of a topdown spaceshooter, but instead of being in space you right down a highway. You can shoot bikes and helicopters and all kinds of other stuff. Once in a while you can pick up upgrade-bonusses. The graphics are pretty cool. The gameplay runs smooth; you only use a mouse.

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