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This is a platform game based on the movie "Home Alone". Kevin's family went on vacation, but they forgot about him, so now he's home alone. Now there are two burglars who want to break into the house. Kevin has to prevent the burglars from kidnapping him, by riddling the house with traps.

The player controls Kevin through the mansion in a side perspective. He has one hour before the burglars will break into the house. In this hour, the player has to set up various traps in order to make the burglars give up on capturing Kevin. After this hour, the burglars break in, and the traps become active. Each trap deals 5 damage to a burglar, and the first shot of Kevin's BB gun deals another 5. During this phase, the screen always tells in which room each burglar is at the moment. The game is won by dealing 50 damage to each burglar.

Home Alone is the DOS version of the hit movie. It was made by Capstone in 1991, and was also developed for the Game Boy. It is much better than it's sequel game, which came out a few years later.

In this game, you play as Kevin McCallister, who slept in too late, and was accidentally left behind by his family when they rushed out to get to the airport in time to catch the plane to Paris. Kevin is home alone, and there are two crooks named Harry and Marv out to take all the stuff in the house. You must prevent this. You have exactly an hour to go around the house, picking up things and setting traps in all parts of the house in an attempt to scare away the crooks. At the end of the hour, Harry and Marv will show up, and try to catch Kevin. You must lead him past the traps and cause the crooks to get caught in them, so you can escape. The position of the crooks and the traps that are set in each room are recorded in the screen above the game screen. If a crook catches you, the game ends.

The graphics in the game are awesome. Every pixel is placed perfectly, but the animations are really funny looking. The backgrounds are also very good looking. The music is not good though, and is somewhat annoying, so you may turn your sound off. I loved this game, and am still playing it as I am writing this review. I give it a straight 5, because it's just awesome.

UPDATER'S NOTE: I found the keys really frustrating at first, so here you go: you move with the cursor keys, you have two fire buttons (you set them the first time you run the game) and you must also use the Function Buttons. You pick up weapons with F1, you browse through them with F2 and set the as traps with F3. If you wish to speed things up press N (this will speed up the time and the crooks will show up - use this when you've finished setting the traps). Now go and play!

Home Alone is fun, for about an hour. Based on the movie of the same name, Home Alone puts you in the place of Kevin, a young boy accidentally left at home alone while his family is on holiday, and discovers that his house is about to be burgled by two nasty conniving yet bumbling crooks. Instead of calling the police like anyone else, Kevin decides to use everyday items (irons, tar etc.) to booby trap his house, thereby forcing the thieves to give up their attempt to rob the house.

You begin with an hour to arrange the house, and can pick up items and place them around the house where (if the items were placed correctly) they will cause intense pain to any thief who stumbles across it (like rolling pins above the door, marbles on the floor, etc). There's not actually a great deal of intellect involved in finishing this game, all of the items you can use are clearly marked, and the places where an item can go are also highlighted. Although you must figure out where an item must be placed to be effective, that's not too difficult, especially after a few tries.

The first few times you play the game, its great fun figuring out which traps to place where and how to lead the thieves through the traps without setting them off yourself. Yet once you figure this out, the game is ridiculously easy. The thieves just stumble along, walking blindly into any traps you set, and once you know how to set the traps there's really nothing left.

All in all, the game is great fun the first few times you play it (provided you're not upset by the older graphics), but is just good for a short distraction if you're stuck in the house one day. It certainly won't interest you for more than a day or two.

Home Alone 1 is a game based on the movie. You have to make your house ready for when the thieves are coming. You will need to do some stuff. Nice game. Try it!

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