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In Extremis is a science-fiction First Person Shooter (FPS) in which you play as a crashed space pilot stranded aboard a derelict vessel. To escape, you must collect key cards and insert them into terminals. Valid cards will give you a code for the current level. That code will grant you access to lockers containing weapons and equipment. A second set of key cards opens up elevators, allowing you to travel to deeper into the ship's 29 levels.

Technically, the game is similar to graphical updates of the Wolfenstein 3-D engine (such as used in the Blake Stone series), and features textured walls along with optional floor and ceiling textures. Faked lighting effects (your screen shifts to a different colour as you pass under coloured lights) also appear. Architecture is still limited to 90 degree angles and heavy on mazes.

Aside from finding new weapons and blasting aliens, you have a limited inventory of pickups to manage. Your suit's air tanks are constantly depleting, and must be replaced with fresh tanks before they run dry. Your suit contains a motion tracker and nightvision, both which drain the same replaceable batteries. Syringes can be collected and used to restore your health. Finally, alien nests appear on some levels and endlessly spawn new enemies. Bombs can be collected and deployed to destroy these.

In Extremis is probably the most obscure game Delphine ever developed, and for good reason. In contrast to the great blend of cinematic cutscenes and fun gameplay of Out of This World and Flashback, In Extremis is merely an uninspired DOOM clone with some improved graphics. The plot and sound effects are obviously -- and shamelessly -- copied from hit movie Alien: you play a space pilot who crashes into an asteroid and flee your ship into what seems to be an abandoned cruiser nearby. The cruiser turns out to be filled with mutilated human bodies and hostile aliens, which you of course must fight to get out alive.

Even with Delphine's name as a developer, I couldn't shake the feeling that Delphine just wanted to capitalize on the DOOM mania by releasing a similar FTS as quickly as possible, without attention to plot or even gameplay. This shows quite painfully in the game: you must find keys to unlock doors, blast endless waves of aliens, and get to the next level when the same thing happens all over again. If you like FTS or previous Delphine games, you'll be sorely disappointed with this average DOOM clone that brings nothing new to the table. No wonder the game disappeared from store shelves very quickly.

For those who don't like Alien, leave the room now. In Extremis, released in 1993 by Delphine Software and weighing in at almost seven megabytes, rips off the plot of Alien so badly that you wonder why the makers of the film didn't sue them.

You play a spaceship pilot whose craft crashes on an asteroid. Seeing a nearby space cruiser, you run into it, only to discover it filled with all sorts of nasties wanting to kill you. The game plays like a clone of Doom, although the graphics are admittedly more colourful and the science fiction element more obvious than it ever was in Doom. That doesn't really matter, though. The objective of the game - to kill as many things as possible - is simple and doesn't really require much by way of plot. As in Doom, you'll also have to search for keys and switches to open doors and progress to the next level.

The graphics are suitably colourful and graphic, but are no revolution - or evolution, even - from the graphics in games such as Doom and Ultima Underworld. The sound is good, although one can only take so much of screaming aliens and the sound of gunfire. Delphine released some thought-provoking action games, such as Another World, however this isn't one of them. Today, the best one could hope for from In Extremis is an hour or two of a trip down Nostalgia Lane - and nothing more.

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