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Into the Eagle's Nest is a top-down action game designed in the spirit of the arcade hit, Gauntlet. Your mission is to infiltrate the mazelike and well-defended Nazi fortress known as the Eagle's Nest to rescue three allied saboteurs. Collect keys to open locked doors and plan your shots carefully, as your ammunition is limited. Once you have rescued each prisoner, your objective is to destroy the enemy compound by locating hidden explosive caches. A secondary objective is to retrieve as many pieces of valuable art and jewelry as possible before they are incinerated in the resulting blast. Into the Eagle's Nest features a total of eight levels, each offering a specific goal to accomplish. Revisit completed levels to improve your high score.

Pandora's first game combines the Gauntlet style with the World War 2 setting, and specifically the Eagle's Nest building which is being used by a commander as his HQ. Three Allied soldiers have been captured, and you must infiltrate the facilities, rescue your brave comrades, destroy the building, and salvage as much of the stolen art treasures as possible.

There are eight levels to explore, each with a specific mission objective. Some of the paintings are loose, others are in crates which must first be shot. Explosives must be collected, not shot. With limited ammunition, guards everywhere, keys at a premium, and lots of strategic hiding points, an all-guns-blazing approach is less successful than a planned, measured one.

In WWII a castle is owned by a German general. This castle is filled with endless enemies and other sorts of danger and also contains an art collection that's worth a fortune. "No one should go where eagles dare" but you will.

Into the Eagle's Nest was said to have a connection with the famous movie, but it seems that was just a good commercial for the game, since the game has no real connections with the movie besides the "eagle's nest" packed with enemies. The movie is called Where Eagles Dare (starring Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton) and you could say that the game was inspired by the movie. So, everything is simple and (almost) impossible: you are alone in the enemy castle and must fight your way out and on the way, destroy the castle and steal entire art collection. No man can do this, but you are no ordinary man and you surely don't plan to become one.

Game was originally made for C64 and it is still one of the most difficult shooters ever. You see everything from the bird's view. The screen is divided into two parts, one for the game itself and another for info such as: KEYS (number of keys that you carry), AMMO (don't really need to explain) and HITS (number of hits that you suffered). Germans don't shoot (?!) although they carry guns, but can hit you when they are too close. Even then you won't see them hitting you; they just stand beside you while the HITS number is increasing. You can take up to 99 hits and then you die. Don't think that you have much energy. Although they don't shoot, you are by far outnumbered, the enemy will rush towards you and food (for restoring health) is very rare. There is a lot of ammunition to pick up, but even more enemies.

All across the castle you will find crates. Shooting the crate will open it. Most of the crates will be empty, but others contain art items or explosive. This means that you must be careful when "opening" the crate. If you accidentally shoot it twice you'll destroy the item. Shooting the explosive is much worse - don't try it at home. There are also keys and doors. Brown (wooden) doors can be opened with a single bullet, but you'll need a key for a gray ones (metal). Into the Eagle's Nest is very hard action game and is recommended to all real shooting lovers, since you'll probably need some time to finish it. It can surely provide much fun. If you are an action player then you should try this. If you take yourself for a real good action player, well, eagle's nest is the real challenge. Will you "choose to go where no one dares" and succeed?

Very addictive game, infiltrate in the eagle's nest. You game is played from a topdown view. In each level you have to find an elevatorpass to gain access to the next level. But be careful of the nazis, they are almost behind every door. Along your way you find enough ammo and health to stand against those nazis.

Perhaps best described as Wolftenstein 3D from top-down perspective, Into The Eagle's Nest is neither as addictive nor revolutionary as that id classic, although it embodies the same find-keys-to-unlock-doors puzzle element mixed with standard shoot-everything-in-sight gameplay that will be familiar to any arcade fan. The top-down perspective severely limits character animations to jerky, very blocky movements, and makes all the enemies look identical. Worst yet, there are simply too many enemies in the game and too little ammo to pick up, making the game impossible for all but the most expert of gamers. Steer clear of this one if you are frustrated easily with this type of game, and just play Wolfenstein 3D instead if you are itching to unlock doors in action games :-)

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