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Some time after Operation Desert Strike, Ibn Kilbaba, son of Kilbaba S.R, threatens to annihilate America. After his father was killed, the people who were under his control, sent his son running off, along with his father's money and nuclear weapons program. Kilbaba, more ruthless than his father, longs for revenge of his father's death and decides to shed the blood of those who killed him, the Americans. Already armed, Kilbaba hires Carlos Ortega to help him set up his Nuclear Weapons program, deep in South America. Carlos Ortega, the world's most notorious druglord, also yearns to seek revenge. With his own private army, armed with the most hi-tech weapons, he's ready to fight America at all costs. Because of this threat, you're hired again to battle these two characters, following their paths in the jungles of South America. Armed with the Commache, numerous other vehicles, and destructive weapons, you must take out their private army. Blow up the enemy with your hellfires, hydras, chain guns. Use the watercraft to launch mines at enemy ships. Pull off a drive-by on the enemy with guns on the side. Take out the evil duo and forever rid this threat.....in the jungle!

Jungle strike is a classic shoot'em up game. You are in control of a prototype helicopter "Commanche", and your mission is to fight terrorists and other scum. It is the sequel to the quite popular Desert Strike, whos graphics and sound it has retained.

The controls in Jungle Strike are simple and straightforward. You pilot the chopper with the arrow keys, and fire the 3 different available weapons with z, x and c (Hellfire missiles, Hydra missiles and machine guns). If you want to succeed, you need to find ammo crates and fuel crates while on the missions. You can also rescue MIA's and capture enemies, which gives you a bonus when delivering them at a landing zone. In some missions, you will need to use other vehicles than you helicopter. This includes a hovercraft, a F117 fighter and a motorbike.

The story in Jungle Strike is simple. You get a mission; you complete the mission; you return to base, just to get a new mission. Great fun! The first mission takes place in Washington DC. Apparently some terrorists want to assassinate the president, but no one knows where and when. First you have to defend some embassies under attack, then you have to capture some terrorist leaders to get some intelligence information, then you have to protect some embassies again, and at last you have to defend the president.

You cannot save in Jungle Strike. After each mission, you will get a password, which will give you access to that level again. So you have to complete each mission, without loosing all your lives. This will not always be easy, due to the fact that Jungle Strike isn't an easy game.

The graphics is great. You will really enjoy the experience of dodging missiles and bullets from your enemies, which includes tanks, artillery, AA guns, helicopters and many more. The sound could be better, but is sufficient. All in all, Jungle Strike is a very fun game. I will recommend it to anyone who likes games in the genre of shoot'em up, arcade and action.

Download, and have fun.

The story starts off with an island being nuclear bombed, and the two men behind it are residing somewhere out in the jungle alongside the weapons. Your mission, search and capture the two men involved before they launch an attack on Washington. You are given control of a Comanche Helicopter in order to find the two men, but will you reach them in time? Will Washington D.C. survive? The future of America, is in your hands!

Gremlin's excellent conversion of EA's console game, follow-up to the popular shoot'em up Desert Strike. Jungle Strike is basically the same game as its predecessor-- just set in a different scenario. In Jungle Strike you're mainly controlling the prototype helicopter "Comanche". In some missions, you can also use a hovercraft, a motorbike, or a F117 fighter. The controls in this shoot-em up are very easy and straightforward. As in most arcade shooters, you must collect new ammo, armor and fuel while fighting land, sea, and air-based enemies. In a nod to hard-core flight sims, all missions contain several sub-objectives, which have to be fullfilled in a given order. Most missions are set in either a jungle or city area.

With a good combination of arcade and sim elements, Jungle Strike is highly recommended for fans of the genre. If you like Safari's games (e.g. Seek & Destroy) but wish they were more sim-oriented in terms of having mission objectives and depletable fuel, Desert Strike is the answer. One caveat, though: to get this game to work on modern computers, you will have to pray to the holy computer heavens. If you prayed hard enough, the game might run. At least I got it to run after praying 12 hours or so. Starting it a hundred times in succession or fiddling around with memory configurations might also help at times ;) The fun is well worth it, however.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (221 MB).


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