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The game is a Bomberman clone with different goals in Single-player and Multi-player modes.

It begins in the Weapon Shop, where players can get their favourite weapons and bombs. In Single-player mode you have to complete 15 monster-filled levels. You have three lives. Each level begins from the upper left-hand corner. Your mission is simply to find the door that leads to the next level. Notice that the location of the exit may vary from game to game and you can not see it because of Fog of War. Players who excel, get their names on the revered Hall-of-fame list. Your position on the list is defined by how far you get in the game.

In Multi-player mode 1-4 players find themselves at the far corners of the screen. You should move your guy around and collect as many treasures as you can in the limited time available. You might also try to kill the other players. If you are able to slaughter your opponent (before he/she slaughters you) you will receive a large amount of cash. The level will end if one of the following options are filled: 1. The time runs out. 2. All the treasures are collected. 3. Less than two players survive. After completing a level you are automatically transported to the shop to purchase more bombs. When all the rounds have been played, the winner is the player with the most cash or the most wins in the separate levels.

There is Map Editor present.

Do you remember Indiana Jones, or Tomb Raider? (YEAH, Angelina Jolie :P ) Well, then you know, treasure hunting is no easy task. And it's much more complicated if more treasure hunters are after the same jewels. This is the case in Mine Bombers, where you are one of them.

Mine Bombers is the best head-to-head game I've ever seen amongst early 386's games. I remember playing this game on my fist computer, a 386DX with 4 Mb RAM. I called my friends over and we played until we were knocked out from exhaustion. Mine Bombers is still so much fun to play. I experienced a big load of nostalgia when I launched the game again after 10 years. :)

The first thing you will notice in the title screen, that this is the registered version of the game. Skitso Productions officially released Mine Bombers as a registered freeware not a long time ago. Thanks guys!

You can play the single player levels or you can compete against up to 4 of your friends on the same computer (there is no LAN or internet play available). You start the game by buying mining equipment and weapons from the funds provided. Then you can take on the single player levels and hunt treasures while avoiding or killing monsters, flipping switches and digging through mazes.

The multiplayer is the cream of this game. You can compete against friends and hunt treasures or each other in a huge, random generated arena. You can turn yourself into a living excavator and get the treasure before your opponent does, or you can become a killing machine and hunt the fellow miners for their already gathered treasure. One way or another, you will have a good time guaranteed. After the turn ends, you can spend your hard earned money to buy even better mining gear or more lethal arsenal, and battle it out in the next turn.

The arsenal is huge. Over 25 things are on the table. Little bombs, big bombs, C4 plastic bomb, poly urethane bomb, nuke(!), napalm and much more. You can read the description of each weapon in the info menu of the game. Needless to say, you can wreck some pretty havoc with those babies :D

You can progress in the mine by using your hands and pickaxe. You digging speed is determined by the number of pickaxes you have. You can increase your digging speed by buying pickaxes or power drills in the shop. The more you have, the faster you will progress in the mines. You will need that speed when you are off to get out of the nuke's blast radius :D

The game's goal can be set in the options menu. Either the player with the most money or the player with most wins takes it all. You can set many other things in the options menu.

In addition, there is a level editor attached to the registered version. You can create your own levels and share it with friends.

Graphics, Sound and Controls

The graphics are awesome. The tile screen is great and the game itself is very well made. But a few people will need glasses because the things on screen are pretty small to see, even for somebody with good eyes.

The music is absolutely awesome! Olli Attila, the musician of the game named the genre "Postmodern Jazz" and he got a point there. A combination of jazz, techno and rock, unbelievably fits this game. I kept listening to the songs in Winamp after I was tired of the game. Two thumbs up to Attila! The sounds are cool too, but nothing fancy. Bomb blasts, death howls and monster groans. Not bad.

The controls can be set in the options menu, but I DON'T recommend playing the game with more than 2 players.

Technical issues and Compatibility

I said I don't recommend playing the game with more than 2 players. You won't fit to the keyboard! And most of the systems cannot handle more than three simultaneously pressed buttons.

All in all, Mine Bombers is the best head-to-head action game from the golden era. You won't have a second of boredom with this game. You and your friends will have a great time trying to blow each other to smithereens :D

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.14 MB).


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