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You play the part of Bounty Bob, and it is your mission to explore every inch of an abandoned mine. As you walk over floor sections in the mine, the floor will change color. When all of the floor sections have been changed in color, you can move on to the next, more challenging level. To reach all of the floor sections, you will need to figure out how to get there.

You can jump (be careful not to fall too far though, or you will be squished), climb up and down ladders, and use different transportation devices that can be found on the levels (such as an elevator, slides, a springboard, or a cannon!) Wandering around the mine are numerous radioactive creatures which get in Bounty Bob's way. Also scattered throughout the mines are various artifacts left behind; if Bounty Bob collects one of these, the creatures will temporarily become vulnerable. If Bounty Bob runs into one of the creatures in this state the creature will be destroyed, but if he runs into a creature while it is glowing Bounty Bob will be destroyed.

There is a total of ten different levels, and to complete them all you will need quick reflexes as well as to figure out a unique strategy for each level.

Miner 2049er was originally released in 1982 by Big Five Software. First version of this game was prepared for Atari and then it was converted to nearly all possible platforms including GameBoy.

In this game you play Bounty Bob, fearless mine worker, who needs to inspect 10 levels of mine. It looks like an easy job, but firstly - your time is limited, and secondly - there are some weird creatures in there! Don't panic, everything is possible.

How does the inspection look like? You need to step onto every inch of floor on each level. After you walk over it, it gets painted. When you paint all of the level's floor you advance automatically to next level. Remember to be careful, because if you fall from too high - you will die.

Now, what about the creatures? You can jump over them, but that's not all. Your colleagues left some stuff beneath the ground. Each object you collect gives you time bonus, and allows killing creatures for a limited period of time. When the bonus is working the creatures smile to you (like they're not sober), and their color changes.

As you go deeper, levels gets tougher and more interesting things appears. Slides take you down, and you need to be careful with them - if there is a creature beneath, you'll be in trouble. Elevators on some levels lets you travel from one floor to another. Try not to fall into radioactive waste - it's lethal (and radioactive ;). There is some more interesting stuff which can help you or put you into trouble, but I'll give you a chance to find it out by yourself.

Graphics are nice, and I find it funny. Nothing more to say, this game has more than 20 years. There is also some sound.

Controls are easy to find out. Cursor arrows allows you to move right, left, up and down. Now the tricky part: it took me some time to find the jump button, because it's... Escape. To travel with elevator you need to press number of the floor you want to go to.

That's all about Miner 2049er. I really like this game, so I can't give it a less than 4. I hope you'll like it too.

Miner 2049er is one of the best "climbing games" ever made (the genre popular in early 1980s), and a much better game than the better-known Donkey Kong series. Original released on the Atari 5200 system, the game was ported to over 15 home systems including the Apple II (the version I played) and this now very rare PC version.

In this ultimate climbing game, you are Bounty Bob, an explorer searching through all of Nuclear Ned's abandoned mines for the treacherous Yukon Yohan (whoever came up with these names were having fun, you can tell...) You must "claim" each section of each mine by running over it, jumping over segments and avoiding radioactive creatures in the process. Once you reach the prize required for that level (ranging from an axe, dynamite, martini, and more), you'll proceed to the next one.

The best thing about Miner 2049er is that each of the ten level is carefully laid out. Similar to games like Flashback that are ostentatiously action games, sometimes there is only one way to finish the level - but it will take you dozens of tries to figure it out because the path is not always obvious. This gives Miner 2049er an added layer of complexity that puts it far and above all other climbing games. One annoyance I had with the game is that you have to time your jumps very precisely - you will miss them if you are only one pixel off. This is true even on the lowest difficulty level (the game has ten), so if you are easily frustrated, you might find the game more tedious than fun. For me the precision required is just part of the challenge, because the game is very addictive.

Unlike Donkey Kong where gameplay remains more or less the same from level to level, screens in Miner 2049er have many special features you can use, including slides, movable hoist, teleporters, cannons, and many others. With addictive gameplay, an amazing array of surprises, and very clever puzzle-like level design, Miner 2049er is a top-notch classic that you simply must play if you consider yourself a true arcade fan. The best version of the game remains the Atari 5200 version, though, but this PC port (published by Microfun) isn't that bad, although it's very difficult to get it to run on modern computers. Highly recommended. If you like the game, check out the superior but lesser-known sequel Bounty Bob Strikes Back also on this site.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.36 MB).


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