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In one of our more original game concepts, the player here controls the movements of a disc with their mouse. The disc is divided into four quarters, each a different colour, identifying with balls of four various colours zooming around the playfield and four differently-coloured wall-mounted hands grasping out, waiting for the player to deliver a ball of the appropriate colour. In order to ensnare a ball (as though they were complementary sides of a velcro connection), the player must rotate the disc using the mouse buttons to ensure that the side facing the ball is of the same colour as the ball itself when they connect. Colour-mismatched connections result in taking a hit; after twelve such failures, the game is over.

Velcro Mind is a fun and unique little freeware game that plays like a classic game of "Simon" crossed with the Mac classic Crystal Quest. Your goal is to move the multicolored "Velcro circle" around the screen to collect all the floating balls and deliver them to the four hands that stick out from four sides of the screen.

Velcro Mind is not as simple as it sounds. To begin with, you can only pick the balls up by rotating the Velcro circle around so that the color of the circle's side that touches the ball is the same color as the ball. You must then deliver the ball to the hand of the same color. The game gets progressively more difficult as the balls come out faster and faster, forcing you to be quicker with your mouse or it's game over. Overall, a fun timewaster that definitely offers much more gameplay than what its tiny size (40KB zipped) may suggest.

A small game for once. In this game you have to catch coloured balls on the right spot of your roundcolored object. You can 'magnetic' attach the balls. When you go with those ball over the correct hands he will grab the colored ball so you can catch a nother one.

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