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Released back in the Atari days (early 1980s), the world was introduced to Montezuma's Revenge, a side scrolling action-adventure/puzzle game. In it, you controlled Montezuma. He was a treasure hunter of sorts and he had to collect all kinds of different jewels and treasures while avoiding the enemies that were hopping around. Well Utopia Technologies, Inc. has brought him back to life in the modern adaptation/sequel Montezuma's Return.

The essence of the original is still intact, with a few exceptions. Rather than going down the 2D road again, Montezuma's Return is played from a first person, 3D perspective. The environments range from spectacular to truly bizarre. While all the texturing and enemies look good, everything seems to have a rather peculiar and odd look. There are some funky shaped critters wondering around and some of the wall textures are downright profound. Light sourcing is another thing that results in some weird looking visuals. Almost everything has colored lighting, and the colors they use are often very trippy.

Your character will still have to avoid and destroy the enemies that get in his way, collect jewels and hop from platform to platform. Now, Montezuma must also flip switches that trigger doors and platforms and go underwater. At times, you will have to use animals as platforms to jump across certain things and you'll get to swing from vine to vine. For the most part, the gameplay is solid. But there are times when it becomes problematic or just plain brainless. Your character controls awkwardly, especially when turning around and jumping. You'll often miss platforms or over jump them because of the fidgety controls. It's just something that you will have to get used to after playing the game a while. By brainless, I'm talking about the majority of the combat you will partake in. There is rarely any skill involved while kicking or punching your foes. You just kind of walk up to them and beat them senseless. It would have been nice if some of the enemies you encountered (like statues, skulls and other oddities) had different weaknesses that you would have to figure out. But still, it's fun just to walk around the environments taking in all the interesting sites and solving some pretty interesting puzzles.

But perhaps worst thing is that it's an incredibly short game. There are only eight levels and each level is relatively small. This game really could have used a few more levels or bigger game environments. Still, Montezuma's Return is a fun little action/puzzle game. Just don't expect a highly involved game with tons of depth and you won't be disappointed.

Graphics: All of the textures used here are very decent, if not a bit odd. The colored lighting looks really neat and trippy and the various enemies feature good animation.

Sound: The sound effects and musical score aren't too bad, though aren't terribly earth shattering.

Enjoyment: Walking around the levels and solving puzzles is really a lot of fun. Unfortunately, at times the control can be a bit frustrating and the combat is rather senseless. Overall, it's a very enjoyable game from start to finish.

Replay Value: Because the game is pretty short in length and the gameplay is fun enough, you'll probably want to go through it a couple times. But after that, there really isn't much reason to play it.

Max Montezuma is a soldier who also happens to be a descendant of a legendary Aztec emperor. One day Max's plane crashes on an uncharted, deserted island. Max discovers ancient ruins there and ventures to explore them, attempting to connect the mystery of the past with the events of the present.

Montezuma's Return is a sequel to Montezuma's Revenge, and also focuses on platforming gameplay which includes puzzle-solving, avoiding obstacles, and fighting enemies. Unlike its predecessor, it is a first-person 3D game. The player is able to see the protagonist's feet when moving the camera, to facilitate precise platform jumping.

Every level ends with a boss battle, and each boss must be defeated in a specific way. Max can punch and kick enemies, and also use environmental hazards to damage them; pushing enemies into water or luring them into traps will kill them. Some areas require Max to jump on moving platforms, climb ropes, swim, avoid falling into lava or deadly spikes, etc. Max can collect treasure on each level, bananas or watermelon slices to heal himself, and special items to unlock barriers.

The full version of Montezuma's Revenge is included on the CD.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (222 MB).
This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (37.6 MB).


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